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A bit about me and why I am here

I work for 欧洲杯买球.org, reviewing edits made to 欧洲杯买球.org and helping out in various ways.

I am originally from Pasrur but have been living in Lahore for the last 6 years. A good line fascinates me as much as a delicious pizza. (See some of my favorite lines)

Despite the fact that there are radical differences of opinion even regarding the ordinary things of life, I believe that all of us have, or at least think we have, a good enough reasons to believe what we do. The only really bad thing is the tendency to think in isolation which makes everything we believe only partially true. TheWikiWay is a great opportunity in that all of us here AssumeGoodFaith and think together and try to develop a consensus.

Affiliations: WikiEditor
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
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