01 September 2014

State Fair: Day 11. In which I meet my future self

JUST TWO MORE DAYS. I am getting panicky about the impending Fair end. I need to pack in some hardcore Fair time. LET'S MAKE IT COUNT, PEOPLE.

As I rush out the door in a Fair frenzy I peck Brent on the cheek promise that I'll be a better wife after the Fair.


Until then it is all nut rolls and free toothpaste and irresponsibility on an absolutely epic scale.

I meet up with Jed and Alison (and her dad for a while before he heads home). We enjoy pizza tots, Schell's Oktoberfest, and shakes from the Moo Booth.

At the Farmer's Union booth for coffee, the manager gives us a bag of mini donuts that he has gotten in a swap deal for frappes. We all smile at the idea of an underground swap market.

We decide to try something new for dinner, Turkey to Go with fixins! We try one with brie and cranberries, and one with blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Deeelicious!

We head to the Food Building since Jed is hungry for one of Manny's pina coladas. I get some Harry Singh's Oh God It's Hot. While in the food building the sky opens up and it is POURING. Another couple takes shelter in the Food building and we talk for half an hour. They are camping on the grounds for the entire Fair and they NEVER LEAVE during the entire Fair and in her camper she has a scrapbooking studio set up and as we're talking my whole life flashes before me and I feel as though I've seen my future.



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