30 August 2014

State Fair: Day 8. Fair Remote Office

How much do I love this picture?

State Fair 2014

Mike is my IT peer coach and one of my favoritest people at work. And we have matching STATE FAIR SHIRTS and we are heading for the FAIR. So. Awesome!!!

First things first. We get some coffee from the relocated Java Jive. Did you know they don't brew any drip coffee? Only Americanos thank you very much. This ain't no Kwik Trip.

Then I discover that Mike and my 70-year old mother have something in common: they both love local news coverage! We visit a couple TV booths and are in the audience at KARE 11! Wave to mom!!!

We get a Minnieapple Pie with cinnamon ice cream. We hork it down in seconds while watching the butter carving.

State Fair 2014

Then it is time for our 10 am work meeting. AT THE BALL PARK CAFE. I kid you not! If you aren't envious of my suh-weet job by now, I'm not sure you are actually alive.

We are joined by Matt and Karen, and eventually Christopher and let me tell you, Ball Park standing table with garlic fries and beer is THE WAY to come to consensus. Or at least to not care if you don't.

Then we bid adieu to Matt, Mike, and Christopher, who apparently have meetings today that they couldn't relocate to the Fair. THEIR LOSS! Next time plan ahead boys!

Because here comes the parade!

State Fair 2014


State Fair 2014


Then Karen and I are pleasantly surprised by the return of Mike. He has brought his laptop and plans to web conference into his remaining meeting. Now that's more like it!! We celebrate with burgers and Pronto Pups down by Coasters. It is raining, which is slightly killing our buzz.

During a break in the rain, we motor up to Giggles to try their new walleye mac'n'cheese. Which is AH-MAZING. Just look.

State Fair 2014

There's like corn and peppers in there. And it's not just cheese, it's GOUDA. YUM.

Time for Mike's meeting! We hook him up with wifi in the 4-H cafeteria and put a Pronto Pup on his head.

State Fair 2014

Afterwards it is still raining. Boo. I am wishing I had brought a rain coat or sweatshirt or something. I almost go to buy one at Fair Wear, but then you know where it is especially cozy when it's raining? O'Gara's!

State Fair 2014

Then it's time to meet Karen's daughter after her shift at Sweet Martha's, and for some reason Karen wants to meet her at the big pig. She texts her daughter, "Meet at pig balls."

Karen is my mom role model by the way.

BUT the pig barn is "closed for cleaning" (!!) and we are very disappointed. Luckily Karen at least has a picture of the pig balls on her phone. But it's not the same.

We go down the Giant Slide instead. WHEE!!!

It is time to call it a day, everyone has places to be and I have a sitter at home with the girls (it is Brent's D&D night in our basement).

Wait, did I say CALL IT A DAY?  BEFORE FIREWORKS?! AH HA HA ha ha ha you didn't believe that, did you?

We walk back to campus, I give Mike a ride to his car, drive home, tuck the girls in, drive the babysitter home, tuck the girls in again, wait the briefest acceptable amount of time until they might possibly be asleep, and RACE BACK TO THE FAIR.

Oh Fair! I missed you!

Alison and Jed are there with a pack of friends. New Fair friends! How exciting! And look, they are coordinated and athletic.

State Fair 2014

State Fair 2014

The fireworks were great. We watched from the arcade.

State Fair 2014

We play Pac Man Battle Royale until they close the arcade.

State Fair 2014

Ahhhhh Fair. Another glorious day.


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