31 August 2014

State Fair: Day 10. Date Night!

Babysitter: check.

Empty stomachs: check.

Spirit of fairventure: check.

Two dozen long stem roses: CHECK?!

How sweet is that!!

State Fair 2014

The hallowed tradition of State Fair date night. Definitely one of my favorite nights of the year.

We expect it to be crowded, but hoooeeey that is some crowdedness! But we don't mind.

State Fair 2014

We start with craft beer flights in the Horticulture building.

State Fair 2014

I picked this one because of the pumpkin ale. Yum.

State Fair 2014

Brent picked this one.

State Fair 2014

Brent's were gross, as I am illustrating here. I think he was trying to kill me. NOT ROMANTIC.

State Fair 2014

I am overly excited about my pumpkin ale and the Surly Bender and they go down easy and it is then that I tell Brent I need a Chicago dog immediately to avoid having to lay down on the grass.

We carry our remaining beers to the beer garden and tuck into two ginormous Chicago dogs with all the fixins. Chicago dogs are nothing glamorous but let me tell you they fix EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG IN THIS WORLD.

By the end of our dogs, we have made friends with the couples standing around us and they have given us an entire order of cheese curds.

Outside again we run into this guy collecting hats.

State Fair 2014

I love collecting hats too! SOULMATE?! I dial back my Fair flirting out of respect for date night. But I do still tweet him with the question "new Fair buddy?"

We walk through one of my favorites, the Merchandise Mart. Mandoline guy, Sham-wow guy, Microfiber mop guy... THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.

I resist buying anything. But I do talk about sham-wows for the rest of the night.

State Fair 2014

That's ok Brent's used to it.

We walk up to Fine Arts. Brent hasn't seen the Vagina yet. Or I should say, he hasn't seen THAT vagina yet.

Here are two of my favorites. This one reminded us of Alison's Roman cobblestone pictures.

State Fair 2014

This one is a giant collage! With tiny cutouts up at the top and big ones at the bottom. So cool and so many details!

State Fair 2014

We head out from Fine Arts and mosey towards the arcade. And look which one of the 200,000 people we run into?

State Fair 2014


He is excited to hear that I've mentioned him on twitter. He poses for another picture. Brent photo bombs which just cracks me the hell up.

We play some Pac Man battle royale and see that someone has stolen the ball off the yellow joystick. It's sort of LIKE murder on the carousel EXCEPT WORSE.

State Fair 2014

We are a teensy bit hungry so we go hang out in Mancini's and eat some porketta wings. I am lusting after the garlic toast but for some reason I restrain myself. Probably so that I can talk about garlic toast all the way home (and sham wows and vaginas and ball stealers).

Date Night. I'm telling you it's awesome.


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