20 June 2014

It's Finally Summer and It's Great

Stub & Herb's

Pre-K Bake Sale

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons

Blooming Yarns Tencino

Goofy girls


Disney World Scrapbook


Swedish Hasbeens



Project Life



Here is what we do: race home, have something awesome for dinner like cheese and raspberries and scrambled eggs and caramel corn, and then: OUTSIDE! We frolic. Sometimes with bubbles. Sometimes in a sandbox. Usually with small, giggly friends. Also: grownup happy hour, swimming lessons, gymnastics, adorable 5yo run bake sale, and epic new sandals.

Indoor time we spend catching up on crafts and petting the bunny. Because what else would you do? Well besides take pictures of your new sandals with greater care than you do your own children. There's that. And sit on the couch and watch Sherlock. There's that too. But in general--FROLICKING. Because it's finally summer and it's great.

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