30 June 2014

How not to go to Hell and it only costs you a quarter

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Jam Testers

It's been an exciting week! We started with our annual migrant worker immersion experience, where we pick strawberries for all of about 30 minutes and then go drink beer and eat fish and chips and congratulate ourselves on how local and organic we are. Gosh being a migrant worker is AWESOME. Wish I had my career to do over again. Well actually I should be honest. I didn't really pick strawberries for 30 minutes. I took photos for 15 minutes and gorged myself for about 10 minutes and picked for about 5 minutes. Then I found a full box of picked strawberries mysteriously sitting in the field and bought that. So the "pick your own" was more of a GUIDELINE. Still congratulating myself on being local and organic though.

Then I came home and realized we had accidentally on purpose picked 27 lbs of strawberries. Can I just say. That is a holy shit ton of strawberries. Here is what we made with them, otherwise known as a list of everything but pickles:

  • 42 half pints of strawberry-vanilla bean jam. I only intended to make 16, because that seems a reasonable amount for a family of jam consumers, but then somewhere along the line I started drinking significant amounts of alcohol and one thing leads to another and bam! You've got a husband and two kids and wonder where your life went. Oh wait, I was supposed to be talking about jam. My bad.
  • Strawberry Daiquiris. I think I already mentioned these.
  • Strawberry Smoothies.
  • Strawberry Crepes. Do I really need to be putting "Strawberry" before everything? Because the whole point is to use up a holy shit ton of strawberries so I think it's kind of implied.
  • Sour cream pancakes with strawberries inside and on top. With whipped cream. OMG favorite food ever.
  • Waffles
  • Pink lemonade
  • Fondue
  • Strawberries on cereal. On yogurt. On the side. Up high. Down low. TOO SLOW!
You get the idea. Strawberrypalooza. I'll move on.


Brunch at the Loring

Brunch at the Loring

Brunch at the Loring

Brunch at the Loring

Brunch at the Loring

Yarn pole

We went to brunch at The Loring Pasta Bar with our dear old friends A&J. They had not been to this rather epic buffet before, and when I had previously tried to describe it to them I pretty much completely blanked on everything except the sushi, bacon, cookies, and teddy bear pancakes. Luckily they trusted my enthusiasm over breakfast specifics and a good time was had by all.


With a tooth pick

The best part was as we were parting, we awkwardly wave at Al's Breakfast. We love you Al's! Hi! We already ate somewhere else!  They understand of course. You can't have a family double date at Al's. There are GUIDELINES about these things.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

Then there was the super adorable lemonade stand. Which brings me to a point I feel I must bring up. 

If you see a super adorable lemonade stand, run by children, selling cups of lemonade for a quarter, YOU MUST STOP AND BUY LEMONADE. OR YOU WILL GO TO HELL.

And that is all. I'm sorry if you are not thirsty. You can pour it out the window of your car. I'm sorry if you don't have change. Kids will barter for a button or an acorn. I'm sorry if you don't have one minute. Kids will run it to the driver's side of your car like a carhop. BUY THE LEMONADE. This is really not negotiable. I'm fairly certain this is NOT A GUIDELINE and is, in fact, THE LAW. 

The lemonade stand idea actually started as Bella's idea to sell toast with homemade jam. Which I still think is a great idea! We just may have to add that to our menu. Now that you all know that you have to buy it, or risk hellfire and damnation, it should be a great success! We need to make a new sign: Buy this toast and you won't go to Hell! And forward this blog post to 25 friends in the next 5 minutes as well. And send me $10.



Yarn on the swift

Well I know you all have lives to lead, so just one last exciting thing from the week: Bella's Wonderful Wallaby is finished! I finished Mimi's eons ago and then, I'm not going to lie to you, I got totally bored of hot pink stockinette stitch. I typically knit at least an hour a day (while watching TV so don't be too impressed). And with this project, I'm like, hey! That toilet needs scrubbing! I should do that instead! So Bella had to wait until it is approximately 85 degrees and 100% humidity to get her wool sweater.

Well at least it was the oldest kid that got the shaft instead of us youngest like usual. Uh huh. I just went there. 

My next project is a rather strange looking shawly thing that I saw at Shepherd's Harvest. I keep looking at the pattern and thinking, I like this? I like this. I like this? But when I saw it in person, I adored it. So knit on.

We balled the yarn on the deck and the girls left the trimmings for the robin to put in her nest (which is also on the deck), WHICH SHE TOTALLY DID.

Thank you mommy robin. You get it. You are definitely not going to robin hell. Also, enjoy your hand-dyed cashmere. xoxo.

20 June 2014

It's Finally Summer and It's Great

Stub & Herb's

Pre-K Bake Sale

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons

Blooming Yarns Tencino

Goofy girls


Disney World Scrapbook


Swedish Hasbeens



Project Life



Here is what we do: race home, have something awesome for dinner like cheese and raspberries and scrambled eggs and caramel corn, and then: OUTSIDE! We frolic. Sometimes with bubbles. Sometimes in a sandbox. Usually with small, giggly friends. Also: grownup happy hour, swimming lessons, gymnastics, adorable 5yo run bake sale, and epic new sandals.

Indoor time we spend catching up on crafts and petting the bunny. Because what else would you do? Well besides take pictures of your new sandals with greater care than you do your own children. There's that. And sit on the couch and watch Sherlock. There's that too. But in general--FROLICKING. Because it's finally summer and it's great.

16 June 2014

It's All About Daddy

Father's day waffle breakfast!

Dad, by Bella age 8

Peonies, rescued from the storm

Father's Day 2014

Summer lunch


Father's Day Dinner

Father's Day!

It takes more than rain and strep throat to kill our Father's Day buzz. We were all over this holiday like white on rice. Full breakfast INCLUDING BREAKFAST MEAT? Check! Totally adorable homemade presents? Check! Attempting to let Brent sleep in but girls jumping on him while flapping around adorable homemade presents? Check!

Mimi was entirely sick of Father's Day by about 9am. "Why do I not get a day of MY OWN? Why does it ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT DADDY!" To which we keel over, simply keel over like trees cut down in the forest--thwack!--and laugh ourselves silly until we are flopping on the deck like fish. We may have even blacked out a little. Possibly the paramedics came. Because it's all about daddy you know.

But Mimi ended up taking a two hour nap after lunch, so we got the last laugh. Also: best Father's Day present from a 5yo ever.

For dinner, there was MORE MEAT, big manly chunks of it. Or actually petite filet mignons. That's manly right? Well anyway they're my favorite and guess who does the grocery shopping. We also had beet salad. Which leads me to one of my favorite conversations with Brent ever, where he is talking about Dr. Dre Beats headphones and I am talking about my favorite vegetable, the best vegetable on earth, beets.

Brent: Beats. I don't get it.
Me: What's not to get? They're awesome.
Brent:  They seem overrated.
Me: Overrated?! I love them!
Brent: And overpriced.
Me: Where have you been pricing beets?!!
Brent: They had them at Costco. I tried them. Meh.
Me: MEH?!! Why didn't you tell me this before? Have you been pretending to like them?
Brent: Maybe they're popular for graduation presents or something.

And..... scene.

We polished off the night with yelling at the girls who somehow managed to turn their rooms completely inside out, possibly while playing Tornado Girls With Everything Powers, one of their most adorablest games, but seriously girls when your play:clean ratio is nearing 0.2 you are DOING IT WRONG. Then we watched the Game of Thrones season finale and called the day a great success.