25 May 2014

Report from Shepherd's Harvest

Sheep shearing




Hand-dyed yarn

Baby rabbit

Baby angora rabbits

Eating kettle corn

Rabbit agility

Sheep shearing

Sweet corn

Sweet corn


All for Love of Yarn: Opulence

The Shepherd's Harvest festival in Lake Elmo is one of my absolute favorite springtime traditions. This year was especially glorious. The weather was stupendous, the wool was plentiful, and the rabbits at their absolute adorablest.

Guess what luck, I managed to run into my friend Karena who taught me much of what I know about knitting today!! She drove from the Upper Peninsula, with her friend, who, by the way, bought that little black angora baby bunny pictured snuggled next to the white one. Now I want an angora. suuuuper baaaaaaad.

This is the type of fiber event where--wait, did everyone just tune out when I said fiber event? IT'S COOL I'M TELLING YOU--anyway, where you're so inspired by the whole process. Outside on the green they are shearing the sheep and skirting the fleece, and inside they're spinning and petting bunnies and fondling yarn.

The All for Love of Yarn was my purchase, bought from the dyer. The reddish color is "Up North" and the yellow is "Lighthouse." How perfect is that? Split Rock wrap here I come. It also happens to be maroon and gold, which was a happy accident!

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