25 May 2014

Report from Shepherd's Harvest

Sheep shearing




Hand-dyed yarn

Baby rabbit

Baby angora rabbits

Eating kettle corn

Rabbit agility

Sheep shearing

Sweet corn

Sweet corn


All for Love of Yarn: Opulence

The Shepherd's Harvest festival in Lake Elmo is one of my absolute favorite springtime traditions. This year was especially glorious. The weather was stupendous, the wool was plentiful, and the rabbits at their absolute adorablest.

Guess what luck, I managed to run into my friend Karena who taught me much of what I know about knitting today!! She drove from the Upper Peninsula, with her friend, who, by the way, bought that little black angora baby bunny pictured snuggled next to the white one. Now I want an angora. suuuuper baaaaaaad.

This is the type of fiber event where--wait, did everyone just tune out when I said fiber event? IT'S COOL I'M TELLING YOU--anyway, where you're so inspired by the whole process. Outside on the green they are shearing the sheep and skirting the fleece, and inside they're spinning and petting bunnies and fondling yarn.

The All for Love of Yarn was my purchase, bought from the dyer. The reddish color is "Up North" and the yellow is "Lighthouse." How perfect is that? Split Rock wrap here I come. It also happens to be maroon and gold, which was a happy accident!

14 May 2014

It's called gratitude, and that's right

Eight years into motherhood. I am so grateful for these little beings in my life.


Emily Bea

Mimi photo bombs

Steaks on the grill

Star Magnolia


Park tricks

Deck in spring

Snack on the deck

Dinner on the deck

Evening on the deck

Motherhood to me means joy, pride, exhaustion, laughter, patience... wait a minute, this list sounds lame and trite. It doesn't express being a mom at all. Let's check it with the Beastie Boys, who said it best.

Good times gone and you missed them
What's gone wrong in your system?
Things they bounce, like a Spalding
What'd you think? Did you miss your calling?
It's so free, this kind of feeling
It's like life, it's so appealing
When you've got so much to say
It's called gratitude, and that's right

Good times gone, but you feed it
Hate's grown strong, you feel you need it
Just one thing, do you know you
What you think? That the world owes you?
What's gonna’ set you free
Look inside and you'll see
When you've got so much to say
It's called gratitude, and that's right

Peace Out.

09 May 2014

Rabbit Sisters, Coco and Anne

Easter Rabbits

Here are Coco and Anne. Two little bunny sisters for two little funny sisters!

I hand-sewed them with love using the Maggie Rabbit pattern from Posie gets Cozy. Then I got to make them little dresses and shawls and boots. SO CUTE!

I added them to the Easter baskets after the bunny came. Very carefully so as not to disturb the Nerds and Jelly beans and glow in the dark wands.




Easter Rabbits


I honestly thought they'd get thrown aside in favor of the jelly beans. But they love them and play with them and even sleep with them each night.

The next day Bella took Anne to the park and we took lots of pictures so she could write a story to go with them. This was something we used to do often with toys but haven't done in a while.

Spring at the park

Bella and Anne at the Park
by Bella. Age 8.

Anne is a girl named Bella’s stuffed bunny. Bella is the big sister to Emily, but Emily is not in this story. 
One spring day Bella decided she and Anne should go to the park. 
When they got there, Bella decided to show Anne all the best spots to play.
First they went for a swing. Bella loved it. Anne wasn’t so sure.
Then they dug in the sand together. Anne was careful to not get her pretty dress dirty.
After everything they did, Bella always gave Anne a hug. Anne liked that.
Then they went on the big slidey thing. Ginormous to Anne! Anne was terrified.
They went to a restaurant and had pancakes for lunch.*
They didn’t like the table they had sat at, so they found a different one.
Then they sat on a big crocodile. Anne almost thought it was real!
They hung on bars, they slid down slides. They had a fun time!
And still, every time they did something, Bella always hugged Anne.
Soon it was time to go home. 
Anne is one special bunny. If you had Anne, where would you go with her?

*there is a table at the park that we always play "Perkins" at.

There are a number of things I adore about this story. First of all, can I just say, BUNNY. Second of all, no drama. At age 8 I would have thrown some orphans or thieving or a broken arm or something in there. Third of all, she mentions Emily so she wouldn't be left out of the story. And fourth of all, BUNNY.

I just wanted to share the magic of two toys coming to life. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!