29 April 2014

Trip Report: Disney World 2014 {Part 4}

Day 7

This morning we start by sleeping in and having a rela--OH FOR GOODNESS SAKES! It's 7:30! Mimi go outside and run around in circles!

Ready to run

Where was I? Oh yes. Having a relaxing morning. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned to her that today is Princess Day! It got her princessy adrenoline pumping. Princess Day is not really a thing. I made it up. I decided to isolate all our princess fast passes to one big blitzkrieg day, and today is that day!

We start off with a breakfast on the boardwalk. Gotta carb up for a day like today.


The Boardwalk Bakery.

Boardwalk Bakery

Love me a good bakery case. YUM.

Breakfast from the Boardwalk Bakery

We get cinnamon rolls, a mickey shaped chocolate chip muffin, and a chocolate croissant. Brent gets some kind of breakfast casserole in a bread bowl. It looks good if you like that kind of thing. I prefer things stuffed with chocolate or pumpkin soup. OR BOTH! OMG! Write that down!

We are fueled up and ready to hit some princesses!!

First thing, Tiana! BAM!

Princess Tiana

Tiana says, "Ya'll are from Minnesota?! I know why you're here!"

The girls are like, "We're here for your autograph."

Then the girls get super engrossed in the Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom game while we are waiting for our other fast pass times.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

It is part Magic the Gathering, part Disney movie, part scavenger hunt. That totals up to a nerderrific good time!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Time for a Princess Paparazzi Photo Shoot!


Brent and his princesses

Brent and Bella

Mimi and Brent

ACK! The cuteness!

Time to see Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty in Princess Fairytale Hall. Our fast passes are so fast we are almost not ready with our autograph books!

Snow White. Kind of a sassypants, did you know?

Silly Snow White

The girls ADORE her. Because just look at her. What part of her is not awesome.

Then it's time for backpack lunch. My favorite. Raisins and PBJ and chips.

Backpack Lunch in Magic Kingdom

We buy some hats and do lots more sorcery. The day is GOR. GE. OUS.

Happy Sisters

We see Ariel, Aladdin and Jasmine, Vidia, and Tinkerbell. By the time we get to Vidia and Tinkerbell we are getting punchy and accidentally get in the huge line for pineapple Dole whip instead. But I figure it out relatively quickly. Accidentally buying a Dole whip is only a bad thing when you are expecting a real live fairy at the end of the line instead.

Mimi can't stop feeling Fairy Vidia's purple velvet pants.

We have an ice cream and feel a little more ourselves. Mimi zonks.

I happen to get this fantastic shot of the castle with the sun setting. Yay me!

Magic Kingdom Evening

We eat hot dogs from Casey's for dinner, while sitting on the curb waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade to start. We stay for the fireworks. Ooooh! Aaaah! Ohhhh!

Bus home after a long day at Magic Kingdom!

Day 8

I'll just warn you now, I took more pictures today of topiaries than I did of the kids.

That's cool, right?

OF COURSE. Just wait til you see them.

Starting off with cereal in the room. Sharing the one chair.

Breakfast in our Beach Club room

Captain Hook!

Epcot Topiary

Captain Hook as a TOPIARY. This is the most magical place on earth.

We walked by here one of our first nights and Bella looked up and said, They should put Peter Pan on the roof. And then it was there this morning I KID YOU NOT.

Epcot Topiary

Are they using our Magic Bands to eavesdrop on us and harvest all our cleverest ideas?

I quietly whisper into mine: Gaston's Massage Parlor. Pumpkin Soup at every park. Bring back Darkwing Duck. That is all.

We'll see what happens.

Here's Snow White. This must be how her publicist wishes her to look. We know better.

Epcot Topiary

Epcot Topiary

Epcot Topiary

Epcot Topiary

Epcot Topiary


We go shopping for a new autograph book for Mimi, since hers is already full for some reason, and Bella sees a Frozen book, A Sister More Like Me. She wants to get it for Mimi's birthday tomorrow.



We visit the characters, ride The Land, ride Ellen's Energy Adventure--after which Mimi exclaims, "That was FANTASTIC!"

We do some Agent P world-saving in Mexico (margaritas) and China (orange chicken).

Saving China with Agent P

Hanging out in China

Epcot Sisters

We spot a turtle swimming in the pond. It's just like Sea World.

We head back to the boardwalk to rent a surrey bike. The girls had watched these go by the boardwalk in front of our resort, and they thought they looked sooo fun. And it was!

Surrey bike ride on the Boardwalk

When we'd go down a little slope, the girls would put their arms up and scream. A wild ride.

Surrey Bike ride on the Boardwalk

Then we have a dip in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. We pop into Epcot for some pumpkin soup in a bread bowl action for dinner. Brent manages to distract Mimi for a few minutes so Bella and I can take care of some top secret birthday business!

We share a pretzel. Brent surprises me with wine from Italy. We watch illuminations from Canada.

Back at the hotel, Bella and I head to the market to see if we can find Mimi some cake for in the morning and order Brent a pizza. There is a huge mob of cheerleaders and their parents in line, and Bella says, "I'm so tired. Can I go back to the room?" Without even thinking I say Of Course! And after she is gone, I think, oh no, all the doors/halls look the same! She'll never find it! She'll be wandering around for hours and we'll have to call hotel security! I race back to the room and there she is brushing her teeth in her PJs. That girl's smarter than I thought!

Day 9

MIMI'S 5th BIRTHDAY! We start with cake. And presents. And lots of rather panicked stuffing of things into suitcases. Including presents. Happybirthdayhere'syourpresents--YOINK PACKED!

Birthday breakfast!

Pretty delicious little cupcake!

Birthday Cupcake for Mimi

We tell the girls to go play outside so we can hear ourselves think. They make friends with the little kids up two floors, and in the process, one of those kids drops a toy on the balcony beneath them/above us. Here comes my favorite line of the trip:


Beach Club Morning

The girls are crushed he has forgotten to pack his grappling hook. Which is actually a swiffer on a string he uses to dust high places. But I like the idea that there is another family out there that thinks we own a grappling hook and quite possibly take it with us when we travel.

We check out and leave our bags and something possesses us to check the Minnesota weather and it is currently -21. OH lord re-entry is going to be rough.

On the bus I sit with a mom whose school district had added 11 minutes to the end of each day for the rest of the year to make up for all the snow days. Ridiculous.

Magic Kingdom

We head to Magic Kingdom, where it is Mimi's special day!

We all ride Little Mermaid. We split up because the line for It's a Small World is long, so Brent and Bella go to some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom while Mimi and I have such a cute time together riding It's a Small World!

Birthday Girl!

Duffy dances on It's a Small World

We ride the beloved Carousel of Progress, and there you have it. We have ridden the 3 rides that are Mimi-approved.

We have a Be Our Guest lunch reservation, so we head over there for some birthday lunch. I got the French Onion soup not in a bread bowl and it was delicious. We have another celebratory cupcake.

Lunch at "Be Our Guest" Restaurant

Then we are needing to get going and say good bye to our wonderful week at Disney. On the way out, we have fast passes to see Magician Mickey--I know this is like the fourth Mickey we've seen, but wait--he talks! He wished Mimi happy birthday, and told us how this morning he'd ridden in some spinning tea cups and gotten very dizzy. Then we all spun together!

We monorail back to Epcot and as we're entering the gate, we get a text that our flight is delayed 1.5 hrs. OH DARN extra Disney time! So we stroll around World Showcase before ending up at Beaches'n'Cream for some birthday ice cream and then a long trip home.

Birthday Girl at Beaches and Cream


  1. Stumbled upon your trip report through lines or FB, not sure. Took me a few days but enjoyed reading along. What a great little family you have! I also love the Beach Club for the same reasons and also find myself eating in France quite often. Great write up!

    1. Hi nght10gale! Since you love Beach Club and eating in France I'm going to assume we are long lost BFFs. :)
      I'm guessing we are Liner friends already so how perfect is that.

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