28 March 2014

Mimi's 5th Birthday: A Frozen Party

I'm not gonna lie. I was super pumped about this birthday theme. Especially right on the heels of Disney World. I was inspired!!

First. Invitations. One of my favorite parts. Mimi was super picky but I still managed to make them pretty nice.

Mimi's Frozen Party Invites

Next we need an Elsa dress. Now these have been all sold out everywhere since Christmas. I told Mimi I could sew her one but it wouldn't be the same as the store bought. She said as long as it was "better than medium good" she would like it.

Mimi's Elsa Gown

I think she likes it!

Mimi's Elsa Gown

I did hem the cape after this of course. Actually I think I hemmed it on her because she wouldn't take it off for like four days.

Mimi's Elsa Gown

Next up: the cake! Another of my favorite parts. We decided to attempt a doll cake again. It turned out much better this time around.

Making the cake

Got all our party supplies at Wal-Mart and out of our Christmas decorations. Which let me tell you, is tough, to root around in the Christmas decorations in March when they're all put away nicely. But we'll do almost anything to have a well decorated party!!

Table ready for a party!

Mimi's Frozen Birthday: Elsa Cake

On the buffet there we have donut holes (snowballs), junior mints (snowman buttons), pretzel sticks (snowman arms), carrots and dip (snowman noses), and water (melted snowman). CARRIED AWAY WITH THE THEME! OH YES!!

Frozen snacks

Buffet table

Freeze dancing to Frozen soundtrack. Get it? FREEZE dancing.

Let it Go Freeze Dancing

Frost painting with epsom salts.

Painting with Epsom Salts

Pin the nose on Olaf.

Pin the nose on Olaf

Front door, decorated to the hilt by the girls.

Front Door

Heaps of coloring sheets--the key to a smooth arrival time I have found.

Coloring sheets

The hall shelf, decorated every inch with Frozen. Notice the perler bead Anna and Elsa Bella made on the bottom shelf? Wow. Just wow.


I think Mimi loved her party. Which is nice because we love her.

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