28 January 2014

Bella's very Fancy 8th Birthday!

Little Bella is 8! 

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated with ice cream parfaits. With all the fixins!

Fancy Nancy 8th Birthday Party

Her Fancy Nancy birthday party! We had fun getting ready for it. We had a Fancy Nancy tea party book, which Bella poured over and followed like a manual.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Here's the strawberry cake, Bella's request!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party: Strawberry Cake

And, oh la la, homemade macarons! LOVE THESE!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party: Macarons

Treat bags, each with a fancy fan, rainbow loom bracelet, stickers, and a recipe for Bella's Favorite Poodle Poufs (puppy chow).

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

I love getting the house ready for a birthday party.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

The party was a great success! I had lots of stuff planned, like Bella trivia, a scavenger hunt, dance party. Guess what all the girls liked playing the best? Charades! Ha! I had made this cute charades set to play at the end, waiting for parents.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Me and my birthday girl

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