26 December 2013

Local Adventure: Downtown Holiday Tradition

I will start with the best part.

Phones in the bathrooms.


Room to room calls are complimentary. So Mimi goes to Nana's room and Bella stays in ours. They are occupied for hours.


Second best part: Macy's 8th Floor.

At Macy's 8th Floor

With Santa!

Macy's Santa

Macy's is set up a little weird if you ask me. First you meet Santa, then you write him a letter. ?? The kids should write Santa the letter, then hand it to him. HELLO this isn't rocket science!

Dear Santa

Mimi's says:
Dear Santa, 
I love you so much. Can you please bring  me lots of presents. 
Love Emily

Dear Santa

Bella my little artist draws her and Santa hanging out together.

Letters for Santa

We bundle up for Holidazzle parade. Or as Mimi calls it, Hozzidazzle, which I happen to prefer.

If you live in a warm climate, I almost feel sorry for you. You will never get to see your children look this puffy and adorable.

Ready for Holidazzle

Here we are camped out! A Star Tribune photographer takes the girls' pictures and asks them lots of questions. The next morning, we pour through the Trib. Nothing. Darn it! That would have been scrapbooking gold!


I believe Minneapolis Holidazzle is ending this year. After many, many years, we may need to find a new tradition!

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