24 September 2013

Minnesota Adventure: Renaissance Festival

It is time for one of my favorite end of summer adventures: the Renaissance Festival!

Renaissance Festival

This year we had a particularly exhausting trip out there. We got stuck in some kind of hellmouth of parking traffic. By the time we strollered into the secret back gate where we had accidentally parked, we were famished and cranky and in need of some Oktoberfest pronto. Luckily all of that was fixable and in short order we were ready to fest it up. And you know what else cheers you up? A juggler on a flaming ladder! Suh-weet!

Flaming Juggler

My little sweet pea, riding in a butterfly.

Beautiful Mimi Bea

Bella was too tall to ride, a new experience for her.

Beautiful Mimi Bea

Had to have a little sulk about it. It's hard to be the big sister sometimes.

In repose

Then we had cinnamon rolls and saw a unicorn playing in the mud and went to visit the mermaids. The whole time I am speed shopping as we go. I do miss being able to SHOP. Boooohooooo.



Bella finds an "X" carved into the ground. She looks around and sees a pirate nearby. "Is that your X marks the spot?" she asks. He says, "That is a symbol of indeterminate meaning indicating the location of absolutely nothing at all." Bella walks away pretty sure there is treasure around somewhere.

Then we went to visit our favorite fairy house trail, through the hobbit hole. But wait, now it is the Enchanted Forest! And it is populated by REAL FAIRIES and there is a wonderful, sweet, imaginative show, Fawna Keeper of Stories and Her Forest Friends, where the kids get to pet bunnies and hedgehogs and sing and it's all related to FAIRIES and you can't even believe how cute it all is.


On our way out of the festival, Bella finds $5 on the ground. FIVE DOLLARS! She is certain she has found that pirate's treasure.

She immediately looks around for something to spend it on. She decides on a pink unicorn stuffed animal for Mimi. Mimi is ecstatic when Bella presents it to her, "It's just what I've always wanted!!!!"


09 September 2013