13 May 2013

Mother's Day

What a wonderful holiday Mother's Day is! I know it is a made up holiday. For Hallmark to make money. Or was it the Post Office? I don't remember. AND I DON'T CARE. It is great.

Mine started with breakfast in bed. The girls and Brent prepared a tray and then the girls got over-excited and jumped into bed with me and ordered two more breakfast trays please!

Then I open my presents. SEE there is absolutely nothing wrong with this holiday. I got this gentleman and I am so excited about him!
Mother's Day Ent
He is by Russell Scott (his slogan is priceless: "I create family heirlooms that family members will be arguing about for generations.") and we got him at Chickadee Boutique just down the road from us. I love love love him. I also got a gardening apron. Why did I not think of an apron for the garden sooner? Pockets for your gloves and clippers! A place to wipe your hands! Protection for your pants! I already can't garden without it!

Soon we are off to the Shepherd's Harvest in Lake Elmo, our Mother's Day tradition. Mimi dresses herself and wears double tutus (tutututus?), her pink mouse ears, and carries her precious Hippo dressed in a Sleeping Beauty dress. She is pretty much the cutest thing anyone has ever seen.
Mother's Day Sheep and Yarn Festival

At the festival we are freezing so almost immediately have lunch. Then we zip through the buildings, buying yarn and listening to music. We see a fun "kids spin" demonstration, where they spend so much time fixing their spinning wheels that it looks like the most pointless and exhausting pastime ever. My yarn finds include enough 100% angora to make a pair of super fuzzy mittens (family heirlooms to be fought over for generations!), 6 skeins of wonderfully priced purple 100% alpaca (for my purple girl), and pink wool and roving to make tiny thrummed mittens (for my pink girl).

We get to pet some bunnies. We get a 4 ft tall tube of kettle corn. I get coffee to try to warm up. We are finally worn out.

What a lovely LOVELY Mother's Day! Happy day to all the mothers out there. I hope you got to treat yourself to something special.

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