21 October 2012

State Fair Playhouse: A Masterpiece in Felt

I do hate to toot my own horn. BUT.... this is probably the greatest thing ever sewed by human hands.

A State Fair Playhouse.

State Fair Playhouse


State Fair Playhouse

A Fairchild poke through! The Space Tower really goes up and down! Are you freaking out yet?!

State Fair Playhouse

The entrance is Gate 5. With a little ticket booth to put your laminated State Fair tickets in.

What, you don't have laminated State Fair tickets? Well guess what, I do!

Look who else is nutty like me? Bella!

State Fair Playhouse

The food booth is the girls' favorite part.

State Fair Playhouse

That's them on the Giant Slide. They can move themselves around because they have velcro. KACHOW!

State Fair Playhouse

Here's Mimi, ready to take my order!

How about some mini donuts?

State Fair Playhouse: Mini Donuts

Or maybe a cone of Sweet Martha's?

State Fair Playhouse: Sweet Martha's

I even made a double wonky one.

State Fair Playhouse: Sweet Martha's

All part of my plan to have the girls love the Fair as much as I do.

I think it's working!!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful and beyond fabulous! Can I come play???