08 October 2012

Mimi's Marble Jar

So what would you do if someone said you could have a special day where we could do ANYTHING you wanted?

Mimi said "Go to the State Fair!"


Here are our marble jars. We use them in an effort to keep the girls in line. When they're full, they get a special day to do anything they want. They get to pick what we do and where we eat. It's all very exciting if you're small and normally powerless.
Marble Jars
Mimi finally filled hers. Fi-nal-ly. It took her all summer (she had a little problem with marble loss stemming from a large problem with impulse control) but she did it! Bella filled hers a month or so ago and we ended up with a lovely day at the Mall of America riding rides, buying pink sparkly gel pens, and eating frozen yogurt sundaes.

Mimi kicked off her day with Finding Nemo 3D. Don't forget the popcorn and junior mints! And for some reason there were freebies from the theater, a glow wand and a trick or treat bag. Score!

Finding Nemo 3D!

Then we went to Macaroni Grill for lunch. Mimi didn't exactly pick that restaurant, but who knew California Pizza Kitchen was closed? Not us! Macaroni grill is right next door.

The gelato was the most exciting part!

Gelato with a glow wand!

Then home for a nap and then we are off to the big park!

Actually if I am doing full disclosure, Brent and the girls are off to the park. I am off to the fabric store. I said I was going for milk and I went to the fabric store. That is just the kind of horrible mothering things I do. I am a chip off my little no-impulse-control block.

At the park

But I met them at the park, so that's something, right? It was getting dark but I found them by looking for Bella's light up sneakers! Very handy!

Then we went home for s'more's on the deck. Mimi's favorite! There was a huge harvest moon over us. Very picturesque.

S'mores on the Deck

As we pulled in the driveway I said, "Now just give me a minute to get S'MOREGANIZED." The girls just fell over laughing. I am quite proud of myself when I think of something clever AND age-appropriate for my audience.

S'mores on the Deck

Thanks for a great special day, Mimi! I can't wait until someone fills up their marble jar again!!

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