31 October 2012



Mimi the pirate

Cutest little pink pirate you ever saw! She is Izzy, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She was going to be a princess up until the last minute. What are mommys for but to sew a pirate costume the night before Halloween?

Mimi the pirate

 It's my pleasure, little matey.

Just don't forget about your mama when you come home with all your bootie. Mama likes Twix.

And then there's my beautiful Bella!

Bella the "Brave" Princess

She is Merida from Brave. We had a lot of fun sewing her costume together. I wasn't using a pattern, which means she had to try it on constantly. At one point there was some weirdness going on under the arms and when she asked about it I told her to never mind about the pit flaps. Which sent her into the giggles for hours. PITFLAPS! Funniest word ever!

Here she is with the polar fleece cloak. Because trick-or-treating in Minnesota needs to involve lots and lots of layers. (this turned out to not be enough while trick-or-treating, and our lovely friend Jerimy kindly ran back to our house to get her parka).

Bella the "Brave" Princess

Bella even let me DYE HER HAIR!!! A fantasy of mine! I thought it turned out so cute.

Didn't Bella do a great job on this pumpkin?


Here's the porch, all ready for some ACTION!! Even Klaus has his witch hat on.

Front Door, Halloween

They're here!!

Trick-or-Treating at our front door!

The girls made it around the neighborhood for almost an hour before they could no longer resist a warm house and a chance to pick through their candy.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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