01 September 2012

State Fair: Day 9, Magical

I honestly thought I would be Faired out after yesterday, but no!

I got there early and enjoyed an Ole's Cannoli and Swedish coffee. Deeeelish!

Ole's Cannoli and Swedish Coffee

Ole's Cannoli

Then I did a little shopping... Rosebud's Cottage for some awesome quilting kits and fabric (and the new Adam Turman quilting prints!), dried German spaetzel (the girls love this), some Mr. Cooley towels (after yesterday we need drastic measures). I grab an early lunch, the new Trinidad double, which is like naan bread with curry chick peas, at Harry Singh's in the Food Building. I love that guy's food! I took a picture but curry chick peas are not very photogenic so I won't subject you to that.

I whip home and pick up the girls and Brent, who--I am SHOCKED--are all excited to hit the Fair! We meet up with our friends Natalie and Tonia. We head for the new spin-a-paint booth up by the X Zone. We make a cake pan. How awesome is that!

Spin a Paint!

I asked this spin-a-paint guy about the other (usual) spin-a-paint booth. He laughed scornfully, "They can do art cards! They're not even capable of what we're capable of!" Hilarious.
We watch that crazy awesome trampoline show for a while, then head over and take a trip on the Sky Glider. Except Mimi and I stroll over to the other end, and run into our neighbors on the way! How Fairendipitous!

Iris and Emily

Here's Natalie and Tonia and Brent and Bella, gliding over our heads. Lucky I didn't miss them with all my chit chatting I was doing.

Sky Glider

This was the closest I got to a picture of Bella and Natalie together, those girls don't stop moving for a nanosecond. An older lady said to me, "I'm so glad to see a mom who lets their little girls get dirty!" and I'm like what is she talking about? and I look over at Bella and she is just filthy, like ragamuffin caked with dirt. Ah well. Hadn't noticed that. I'll give her a bath after the Fair's over.

Bella and Natalie

I call this picture, "Princess Mimi, morning after."

Fair Princess: morning after

She was just cranky because she was low on pork fat. We can fix that.

The princess and the pork chop

Oh very excited about their spin-a-paint frisbee! So glad we went to the frisbee-capable spin-a-paint booth!!

Tonia and Natalie and a frisbee!

A little more Skee ball! Mimi's clutching Queen Kay of the Milky Way, her new bear.

Skee Ball

Then we slowly mosey down to Blue Moon, where we get bowls of cereal-milk ice cream (honey nut cheerios and cocoa puffs) and a bacon-corn-goat cheese pizza (super awesome). We sat on the car seats and watched "The Pajama Game" on the big screen.

Cereal Ice Cream at the Blue Moon

On the way home we hear on the radio that it is an actual blue moon out. We were sitting in the Blue Moon under a blue moon!! Freak out!

The girls are enchanted and so are we. It was just magical!

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  1. I love reading your blogs. :)
    Just curious, what other items were available to paint at that spin-a-paint booth?