03 September 2012

State Fair: Day 12, sniff

How do you say good-bye to such a great Fair?

Well you start with a humongous gummy bear on a stick.

Gummy Bear on a stick

And then spaghetti? At the Fair? I know, I hear you. But they were hungry and those girls do love their spaghetti. (Notice my new Mr. Cooley Towel around my neck to keep me cooley, working great!)

Italian Junction

We trundle up to pick up our (now dried and cured) spin-a-paint cake pan. SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME DID THAT TURN OUT?!!

Spin-a-Paint Cake Pan

Here is that trampoline show in the X-Zone. Highly entertaining, these guys are good.

Trampoline Skiier

Watching the Cinni-Smiths. Then we had to eat some.


We get some walleye cakes and Summit Oktoberfest and watch the parade. Need I even point out, those cakes are NOT A CRAB FRITTER.

The girls loved this pink tractor in the parade.

Pink Tractor

Alphabet Fair Forest. Mimi was pretty tired at this point so she is just chillaxing in the stroller.

Fair Alphabet

Fair Alphabet


We decide we need a Schell's Oktoberfest, just for comparison, so we roll on down to O'Gara's and sit under the misters.



Then we head out, pausing briefly to buy a hammock.

We wish this wonderful Fair a fond, fond farewell. Until next year, Fair, you will live in our hearts.

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