18 September 2012

Local Adventure: The Renaissance Festival

Look at my Renaissance princesses! So adorable!

Renaissance Festival

Bella outgrew her costume, so we passed it to Mimi. Bella decided to wear her Rapunzel dress when I expressed doubts I'd be able to whip up a new one (what with all my macaron baking and drunken concert going). I thought that was very flexible of her!

This year I finally got Brent to concede that he might wear a costume next time. Was he feeling underdressed next to his beautiful maidens? Well it was super hot out so he likely had the last laugh.
What a glorious day at the Renaissance Festival!
So beautiful!

Renaissance Rapunzel

We met up with lovely little friends.

Renaissance Festival

For the fairy garden? I could hardly resist. But I did. I wish I hadn't, but I did.

Fairy House

Ye old bubble wands!

Renaissance Festival

Mimi was very excited by the unicorn! Until he got close, then he was TOO BIG.


Renaissance Festival

We are always highly amused by this guy. Especially when he puts his toilet paper hat on.

Renaissance Festival

A street performing turtle. You know what he needs? A teeny tiny toilet paper hat!

Money Turtle

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Bella got in the spirit, enjoying a giant pickle and a strawberry ice.

Strawberry Ice

We also got a crepe, a gyro, ice cream, and some mead. And at some point when I was melting in my wool wench suit, I looked over and Brent's eating chili out of a bread bowl. Seriously.

A tiny bench for a tiny wench.

Renaissance Festival

New this year and a big hit with us, Mermaid Cove!

Mermaid's Cove


Mermaid's Cove!

Renaissance Festival


Renaissance Festival

The girls didn't notice this guy snuck up behind them while I took their picture. Teehee.

Renaissance Festival

Hey his costume totally rocks. That gives me an idea for Brent.

We had fun shopping too. The girls each got a necklace full of fairy dust, a big hit. Also, a marshmallow catapult (no playroom is complete without it).

Huzzah! A wonderful day at the Renaissance!


  1. Mermaid Cove...oh my...if Ava only knew!!!!

  2. You got one of those super Awesome houses!! SO cool. Great photos BTW. O has been talking about fairy dust since this weekend, I guess we're not the cool parents- especially since they'd still perfer walking hand in hand with you than us. Thanks for the FUN.

    1. I didn't buy the fairy house but I wish I had!! We had a lot of fun with you too, the boys are so ADORABLE with their hand holding!!