05 September 2012

First day of First Grade!

Look at my ginormous First Grader!!!!!!

First Day of School

When did she get so grown up?

Oh wait a second, if you put some actual big kids in for scale, she's just a little thing.

First Day of School

And very excited about her new lunch box and bag! We sewed it in a flurry last night after we got home from the Fair. She picked all her fabrics herself. I glanced over this tutorial, but my attention span is way too short for that so I ended up just winging it and it went pretty fast and easy. I even made a little laminated tag with her name and lunch number on it and attached it to one of the ribbons. Aren't I just so clever?

New lunch bag

Inside is her new Panda bento box, filled with blueberry pancakes, cheese and crackers and salami, and a honey taffy from the Fair.

Here we are. Mimi is none too happy about what is going down. Bella is doing something FUN and she is going to daycare. Harumph to all of you.

First Day of School

Getting on the bus. She looks excited, don't you think?

First Day of School

And getting off the bus in the afternoon! I was never so happy to see her little face.

First Day of School

When I asked her how it was, she yelled, "It was AWESOME!!" And did a big pirouette in the drive way. I think that's a good sign.

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