16 September 2012

A Real Date Night, that does not involve Ye Olde Mill

What a wonderful date night we had. I think our last one was at the cabin, when my parents watched the girls and put them to bed and fed them pizza while taking baths in rubbermaid tubs outside, and Brent and I went to the quilt shop, the Indian casino restaurant, and to see Spiderman. (YES that date was totally as awesome as it sounds). We had date night at the Fair, of course, but that is a different thing altogether.

This time we really outdid ourselves.

The Bachelor Farmer

The Bachelor Farmer.

With Alison and Jed no less!

Where we got such a good meal. They have a whole section of the menu called "Toast." We got blue cheese toast with ham and tomatoes. And then I got poached eggs with potatoes and hen of the woods mushroom and a side of beets with two glasses of wine. EVERYTHING I LOVE, all at once. Also, I finished Brent's roast chicken dinner too. Because I was hungry.

We got a text from the babysitter that she needed the garage code because she locked herself out. Which made me laugh because I did that once a hundred years ago while babysitting, and had to walk to the neighbor's house, call my dad, who drove over and ended up breaking into the house. Today, it's all texts and garage codes, 2 minutes, done. Yeesh.

David Byrne and St Vincent

And then we are at the David Byrne & Saint Vincent concert. Burnin' down the house, indeed. It was a great concert, I was pleasantly surprised (considering just the night before I had told Brent the album made me feel frantic and annoyed). Turns out, after two glasses of wine, frantic and annoyed turns into enthralled and delighted.


In other delighted news, I made macarons! Remember when I took that macarons class in Paris two years ago? And then never made macarons?



My friend Christine's baby shower... the perfect reason to spend 3.5 hours in the kitchen making Parisian macarons! When I should have been knitting! A tiny sweater that was almost done! BUT WASN'T!

Christine's Baby Shower

They are pink, with pink buttercream filling, (since she is having a girl!) and they are so good I have been eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea.

I used the Pierre Herme recipe I learned in class (like this except just leave out the chocolate) and the vanilla buttercream filling from this book, which was quite easy for buttercream. Thank goodness my dad recently supplied me with a ton of almond flour. Other than that, it is was just usual ingredients I had laying around. If I can cut the time down, I will definitely be making these cookies more often!


  1. I looked at your recipe thinking "I can do this!"....no, no I can't. Who am I kidding???? They were amazing and my coffee is so, so alone.

    1. Oh you could totally make them in your SWANK ASS kitchen with BUTLER's PANTRY ! HELLO!