18 September 2012

Local Adventure: The Renaissance Festival

Look at my Renaissance princesses! So adorable!

Renaissance Festival

Bella outgrew her costume, so we passed it to Mimi. Bella decided to wear her Rapunzel dress when I expressed doubts I'd be able to whip up a new one (what with all my macaron baking and drunken concert going). I thought that was very flexible of her!

This year I finally got Brent to concede that he might wear a costume next time. Was he feeling underdressed next to his beautiful maidens? Well it was super hot out so he likely had the last laugh.
What a glorious day at the Renaissance Festival!
So beautiful!

Renaissance Rapunzel

We met up with lovely little friends.

Renaissance Festival

For the fairy garden? I could hardly resist. But I did. I wish I hadn't, but I did.

Fairy House

Ye old bubble wands!

Renaissance Festival

Mimi was very excited by the unicorn! Until he got close, then he was TOO BIG.


Renaissance Festival

We are always highly amused by this guy. Especially when he puts his toilet paper hat on.

Renaissance Festival

A street performing turtle. You know what he needs? A teeny tiny toilet paper hat!

Money Turtle

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Bella got in the spirit, enjoying a giant pickle and a strawberry ice.

Strawberry Ice

We also got a crepe, a gyro, ice cream, and some mead. And at some point when I was melting in my wool wench suit, I looked over and Brent's eating chili out of a bread bowl. Seriously.

A tiny bench for a tiny wench.

Renaissance Festival

New this year and a big hit with us, Mermaid Cove!

Mermaid's Cove


Mermaid's Cove!

Renaissance Festival


Renaissance Festival

The girls didn't notice this guy snuck up behind them while I took their picture. Teehee.

Renaissance Festival

Hey his costume totally rocks. That gives me an idea for Brent.

We had fun shopping too. The girls each got a necklace full of fairy dust, a big hit. Also, a marshmallow catapult (no playroom is complete without it).

Huzzah! A wonderful day at the Renaissance!

16 September 2012

A Real Date Night, that does not involve Ye Olde Mill

What a wonderful date night we had. I think our last one was at the cabin, when my parents watched the girls and put them to bed and fed them pizza while taking baths in rubbermaid tubs outside, and Brent and I went to the quilt shop, the Indian casino restaurant, and to see Spiderman. (YES that date was totally as awesome as it sounds). We had date night at the Fair, of course, but that is a different thing altogether.

This time we really outdid ourselves.

The Bachelor Farmer

The Bachelor Farmer.

With Alison and Jed no less!

Where we got such a good meal. They have a whole section of the menu called "Toast." We got blue cheese toast with ham and tomatoes. And then I got poached eggs with potatoes and hen of the woods mushroom and a side of beets with two glasses of wine. EVERYTHING I LOVE, all at once. Also, I finished Brent's roast chicken dinner too. Because I was hungry.

We got a text from the babysitter that she needed the garage code because she locked herself out. Which made me laugh because I did that once a hundred years ago while babysitting, and had to walk to the neighbor's house, call my dad, who drove over and ended up breaking into the house. Today, it's all texts and garage codes, 2 minutes, done. Yeesh.

David Byrne and St Vincent

And then we are at the David Byrne & Saint Vincent concert. Burnin' down the house, indeed. It was a great concert, I was pleasantly surprised (considering just the night before I had told Brent the album made me feel frantic and annoyed). Turns out, after two glasses of wine, frantic and annoyed turns into enthralled and delighted.


In other delighted news, I made macarons! Remember when I took that macarons class in Paris two years ago? And then never made macarons?



My friend Christine's baby shower... the perfect reason to spend 3.5 hours in the kitchen making Parisian macarons! When I should have been knitting! A tiny sweater that was almost done! BUT WASN'T!

Christine's Baby Shower

They are pink, with pink buttercream filling, (since she is having a girl!) and they are so good I have been eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea.

I used the Pierre Herme recipe I learned in class (like this except just leave out the chocolate) and the vanilla buttercream filling from this book, which was quite easy for buttercream. Thank goodness my dad recently supplied me with a ton of almond flour. Other than that, it is was just usual ingredients I had laying around. If I can cut the time down, I will definitely be making these cookies more often!

05 September 2012

First day of First Grade!

Look at my ginormous First Grader!!!!!!

First Day of School

When did she get so grown up?

Oh wait a second, if you put some actual big kids in for scale, she's just a little thing.

First Day of School

And very excited about her new lunch box and bag! We sewed it in a flurry last night after we got home from the Fair. She picked all her fabrics herself. I glanced over this tutorial, but my attention span is way too short for that so I ended up just winging it and it went pretty fast and easy. I even made a little laminated tag with her name and lunch number on it and attached it to one of the ribbons. Aren't I just so clever?

New lunch bag

Inside is her new Panda bento box, filled with blueberry pancakes, cheese and crackers and salami, and a honey taffy from the Fair.

Here we are. Mimi is none too happy about what is going down. Bella is doing something FUN and she is going to daycare. Harumph to all of you.

First Day of School

Getting on the bus. She looks excited, don't you think?

First Day of School

And getting off the bus in the afternoon! I was never so happy to see her little face.

First Day of School

When I asked her how it was, she yelled, "It was AWESOME!!" And did a big pirouette in the drive way. I think that's a good sign.

03 September 2012

State Fair: Day 12, sniff

How do you say good-bye to such a great Fair?

Well you start with a humongous gummy bear on a stick.

Gummy Bear on a stick

And then spaghetti? At the Fair? I know, I hear you. But they were hungry and those girls do love their spaghetti. (Notice my new Mr. Cooley Towel around my neck to keep me cooley, working great!)

Italian Junction

We trundle up to pick up our (now dried and cured) spin-a-paint cake pan. SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME DID THAT TURN OUT?!!

Spin-a-Paint Cake Pan

Here is that trampoline show in the X-Zone. Highly entertaining, these guys are good.

Trampoline Skiier

Watching the Cinni-Smiths. Then we had to eat some.


We get some walleye cakes and Summit Oktoberfest and watch the parade. Need I even point out, those cakes are NOT A CRAB FRITTER.

The girls loved this pink tractor in the parade.

Pink Tractor

Alphabet Fair Forest. Mimi was pretty tired at this point so she is just chillaxing in the stroller.

Fair Alphabet

Fair Alphabet


We decide we need a Schell's Oktoberfest, just for comparison, so we roll on down to O'Gara's and sit under the misters.



Then we head out, pausing briefly to buy a hammock.

We wish this wonderful Fair a fond, fond farewell. Until next year, Fair, you will live in our hearts.

01 September 2012

State Fair: Day 9, Magical

I honestly thought I would be Faired out after yesterday, but no!

I got there early and enjoyed an Ole's Cannoli and Swedish coffee. Deeeelish!

Ole's Cannoli and Swedish Coffee

Ole's Cannoli

Then I did a little shopping... Rosebud's Cottage for some awesome quilting kits and fabric (and the new Adam Turman quilting prints!), dried German spaetzel (the girls love this), some Mr. Cooley towels (after yesterday we need drastic measures). I grab an early lunch, the new Trinidad double, which is like naan bread with curry chick peas, at Harry Singh's in the Food Building. I love that guy's food! I took a picture but curry chick peas are not very photogenic so I won't subject you to that.

I whip home and pick up the girls and Brent, who--I am SHOCKED--are all excited to hit the Fair! We meet up with our friends Natalie and Tonia. We head for the new spin-a-paint booth up by the X Zone. We make a cake pan. How awesome is that!

Spin a Paint!

I asked this spin-a-paint guy about the other (usual) spin-a-paint booth. He laughed scornfully, "They can do art cards! They're not even capable of what we're capable of!" Hilarious.
We watch that crazy awesome trampoline show for a while, then head over and take a trip on the Sky Glider. Except Mimi and I stroll over to the other end, and run into our neighbors on the way! How Fairendipitous!

Iris and Emily

Here's Natalie and Tonia and Brent and Bella, gliding over our heads. Lucky I didn't miss them with all my chit chatting I was doing.

Sky Glider

This was the closest I got to a picture of Bella and Natalie together, those girls don't stop moving for a nanosecond. An older lady said to me, "I'm so glad to see a mom who lets their little girls get dirty!" and I'm like what is she talking about? and I look over at Bella and she is just filthy, like ragamuffin caked with dirt. Ah well. Hadn't noticed that. I'll give her a bath after the Fair's over.

Bella and Natalie

I call this picture, "Princess Mimi, morning after."

Fair Princess: morning after

She was just cranky because she was low on pork fat. We can fix that.

The princess and the pork chop

Oh very excited about their spin-a-paint frisbee! So glad we went to the frisbee-capable spin-a-paint booth!!

Tonia and Natalie and a frisbee!

A little more Skee ball! Mimi's clutching Queen Kay of the Milky Way, her new bear.

Skee Ball

Then we slowly mosey down to Blue Moon, where we get bowls of cereal-milk ice cream (honey nut cheerios and cocoa puffs) and a bacon-corn-goat cheese pizza (super awesome). We sat on the car seats and watched "The Pajama Game" on the big screen.

Cereal Ice Cream at the Blue Moon

On the way home we hear on the radio that it is an actual blue moon out. We were sitting in the Blue Moon under a blue moon!! Freak out!

The girls are enchanted and so are we. It was just magical!