31 August 2012

State Fair: Day 8, A Day with Mom and Dad

Kicking the day off with breakfast at Blue Moon.

Breakfast at Blue Moon

Channel 5 hats!


Pickle chapstick!

Pickle Chapstick

Bella and Grandpa climb the Fire Tower.

Look who's up there!

I never really looked up in the DNR building before. How beautiful is that?

DNR Building

Space Tower!

Space Tower

I love an arty Fair picture, so I am quite proud of myself for this one.

Space Tower

The view from the top. Look at how deserted it is! Hello, anybody down there?

Space Tower

Time for some Fair hair!

Fair Hair!

Oh how lovely you are, little Fair princesses!

Fair Hair!

Fair Hair!

Brent and Mimi

Time for some rides!

Winky the Whale

The girls went through their 20 ride tickets in about 15 minutes. Yeesh.



We sit down by the Snoopy statue for a little needed rest and relaxation.

Fair Girls

Bella drank all of my fancy Pina Colada! I don't mind a bit, since it is just a brutal scorcher of a day. Whatever liquid sounds good, honey, drink it up!!

Pina Colada!

Then we get great parade seats. In the shade even!

Fair Family


After the parade, we shop the Bazaar for just a few minutes. This is where I start to completely overheat. SO HOT! Brent stops off to get us a beer flight and we decide to rendezvous at the ice cream in the Dairy Building.

Look at all these princesses!!


The girls wanted to know what the princesses eat.


This princess got on the mic and said she was freezing because it is only 40 degrees in there. I tried not to riot my way into the booth.

Butter Carving

Nipping my booth-storming in the bud, Brent arrives with a beer flight and ice cream cones. He is just in the nick of time, I am absolutely melting down in front of the butter. Of course his reaction is to take my picture. "This is so classic!"

Meltdown at the butterheads

After four beers and an ice cream cone I am feeling a titch cooler. We rest at MPR for a while.

Fair Family


Dad with a cow on his head.


We stop by Visitor's Plaza and get lucky, Rocket Robot is there! He is the last thing on Bella's scavenger hunt! Yeah! She is PUMPED. Then Fairchild and Fairborn show up, suh-weet!!


What a perfect way to end our perfect day!!

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