30 August 2012

State Fair: Day 7, Date Night

Some coworkers and I went down for lunch.
We got crab fritters.

Crab Fritters

I love these. Now all I can think about with everything that goes in my mouth is, THIS IS NOT A CRAB FRITTER. I asked the guy about the dip, what was it, and he says, "It's a special southwestern dip! We make it ourselves! In a van down by the river!"
Gotta love food service humor.

Rex in the Mr. Bubble Playground. He went in and out the entrance and in general I think broke every rule.

Mr. Bubble

After work, I zipped home so we could go to Meet the Teacher night! During the Fair?! Seriously people.

Meet the Teacher

Luckily, my parents were here so they could watch the girls. Brent and I had to dash off to Meet the Llama Night!


We met up with Alison and Jed, fellow llama enthusiasts. Possibly even greater llama enthusiasts, actually. And alpacas too.

We tried the poutine. How awesome is that stuff, eh? You Canadians are welcome at the Fair any time!


Then I got a super cute dress at Global Mamas while the guys got some beers.

Beer Flights

We wandered around, eating. Except with every bite I tell everyone THIS IS NOT A CRAB FRITTER.

We ride Ye Old Mill, a FIRST for me! And a last.

Brent and I decide to walk up to the crab fritter booth, waaaaay up on Machinery Hill.

And it was closed. Sooooo sad.

We buy tickets for the Sky Glider and wait until the fireworks start to jump on, which turned out to be one of our greatest ideas ever.

Fireworks from the Sky Glider

Then we headed to the gate, back home and in bed by midnight for our big day at the Fair tomorrow!!

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