28 August 2012

State Fair: Day 5, Yes Day

I do love to say YES at the Fair.
The girls and I headed over after work today.

A huge cone of cookies? YES!


Sharing with your sister? YES!
(sitting in the dirt? YES!)

Cookie girl

The Sky Ride? YES!


A seed bass? YES!
Wait. What?

Seed Bass

The girls were working on their scavenger hunts and needed a number of items.
Big pumpkin? YES!

Giant Pumpkin

Scavenger Hunt

Love the veggie room.

Veggie Room

After this we got a freezy apple cider and headed over to get a pretzel with cheese and watch the Ecuadorian guys. The girls LOVED these guys. We watched them for half an hour.

Ecuadorian Music

Then we headed over to the Birth Barn, where the girls were the most excited about the little lambs. They were so cute.

Skee ball? YES!

Skee ball

No tickets came out at the end so we asked the attendant for help. He gave us 40 tickets!!
Can we spend them on jelly beans? YES!

Skee ball

Then we had a hankering for some ice cream. But not just your average ice cream.
Gelato? SI!
While we're eating it, a woman asks me if she can give the girls some of her huge bucket of Martha's cookies.
More Cookies? SURE! Why the hell not?

After all, we are at the Fair!

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