27 August 2012

State Fair: Day 4, Hallelujah FAIR

We FINALLY get to the Fair!! After some technical difficulties (feeling very ill--you can only imagine HOW ILL to be missing the Fair), I was rested up and ready to go.

Matching Fair shirts? Check!
Super excited girls? Check!


Super cute sleepy bunny? CHECK!!!


We dashed right for the bunny barn. I was afraid we'd miss them, since they go home today. And I do love the bunnies. Looks like someone else does too.


Butterheads! Mimi got a new stuffed animal today, a little pink bear, and she named it Queen Kay of the Milky Way. Teehee.


Alison and Jed found us here, face down in raspberry shakes.

Raspberry Shake

A quick trip through the hort building for honey sticks and beer, and we're well-poised for the parade.
Wacky Wheeler!

Wacky Wheeler

Enjoying a drum show in Baldwin Park.

Alison and Jed

Heading to Little Farm Hands.


Stop to smell the flowers!

Hibiscus outside Hort building

My cute little farm hands, after working hard on the farm!

Little Farm Hands

Time for a spin on the carousel before we head home!


What a great day at the Fair!!!

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