25 August 2012

State Fair at Home: 2012

As I have gone on at length about before, we do like to decorate for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.


Here is Klaus, always willing to pose for a picture. That little guy is so photogenic.

Klaus's Corn Hat

I got those vinyl family decals for the back of the minivan (rockin' the suburbs) and my neighbor's first yelled comment upon biking by and noticing them: "WHERE'S THE GNOME?"

Fairchild Pancakes! A masterpiece.

Fairchild Pancake

Here's Lord Byron, sporting his new pickle hat.

Lord Byron in a Pickle Hat

"And thou art dead, as young and fair."

See? Fair. He's a fan.

Here's our latest craft project in progress. A felt giant slide. It's gonna be awesome. 

Giant Felt Slide


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