31 August 2012

State Fair: Day 8, A Day with Mom and Dad

Kicking the day off with breakfast at Blue Moon.

Breakfast at Blue Moon

Channel 5 hats!


Pickle chapstick!

Pickle Chapstick

Bella and Grandpa climb the Fire Tower.

Look who's up there!

I never really looked up in the DNR building before. How beautiful is that?

DNR Building

Space Tower!

Space Tower

I love an arty Fair picture, so I am quite proud of myself for this one.

Space Tower

The view from the top. Look at how deserted it is! Hello, anybody down there?

Space Tower

Time for some Fair hair!

Fair Hair!

Oh how lovely you are, little Fair princesses!

Fair Hair!

Fair Hair!

Brent and Mimi

Time for some rides!

Winky the Whale

The girls went through their 20 ride tickets in about 15 minutes. Yeesh.



We sit down by the Snoopy statue for a little needed rest and relaxation.

Fair Girls

Bella drank all of my fancy Pina Colada! I don't mind a bit, since it is just a brutal scorcher of a day. Whatever liquid sounds good, honey, drink it up!!

Pina Colada!

Then we get great parade seats. In the shade even!

Fair Family


After the parade, we shop the Bazaar for just a few minutes. This is where I start to completely overheat. SO HOT! Brent stops off to get us a beer flight and we decide to rendezvous at the ice cream in the Dairy Building.

Look at all these princesses!!


The girls wanted to know what the princesses eat.


This princess got on the mic and said she was freezing because it is only 40 degrees in there. I tried not to riot my way into the booth.

Butter Carving

Nipping my booth-storming in the bud, Brent arrives with a beer flight and ice cream cones. He is just in the nick of time, I am absolutely melting down in front of the butter. Of course his reaction is to take my picture. "This is so classic!"

Meltdown at the butterheads

After four beers and an ice cream cone I am feeling a titch cooler. We rest at MPR for a while.

Fair Family


Dad with a cow on his head.


We stop by Visitor's Plaza and get lucky, Rocket Robot is there! He is the last thing on Bella's scavenger hunt! Yeah! She is PUMPED. Then Fairchild and Fairborn show up, suh-weet!!


What a perfect way to end our perfect day!!

30 August 2012

State Fair: Day 7, Date Night

Some coworkers and I went down for lunch.
We got crab fritters.

Crab Fritters

I love these. Now all I can think about with everything that goes in my mouth is, THIS IS NOT A CRAB FRITTER. I asked the guy about the dip, what was it, and he says, "It's a special southwestern dip! We make it ourselves! In a van down by the river!"
Gotta love food service humor.

Rex in the Mr. Bubble Playground. He went in and out the entrance and in general I think broke every rule.

Mr. Bubble

After work, I zipped home so we could go to Meet the Teacher night! During the Fair?! Seriously people.

Meet the Teacher

Luckily, my parents were here so they could watch the girls. Brent and I had to dash off to Meet the Llama Night!


We met up with Alison and Jed, fellow llama enthusiasts. Possibly even greater llama enthusiasts, actually. And alpacas too.

We tried the poutine. How awesome is that stuff, eh? You Canadians are welcome at the Fair any time!


Then I got a super cute dress at Global Mamas while the guys got some beers.

Beer Flights

We wandered around, eating. Except with every bite I tell everyone THIS IS NOT A CRAB FRITTER.

We ride Ye Old Mill, a FIRST for me! And a last.

Brent and I decide to walk up to the crab fritter booth, waaaaay up on Machinery Hill.

And it was closed. Sooooo sad.

We buy tickets for the Sky Glider and wait until the fireworks start to jump on, which turned out to be one of our greatest ideas ever.

Fireworks from the Sky Glider

Then we headed to the gate, back home and in bed by midnight for our big day at the Fair tomorrow!!

29 August 2012

State Fair: Day 6, An Evening at the Fair

I left Brent at home with the girls all tucked in and made it to the Fair by about 9.
Better late than never!!

A quick shop in the Bazaar. Hair Ball at the Leinie's Lodge.

Jed charms his way into an extra humongous cone. You can tell he's proud of himself.


Fireworks over Blue Moon.

Fireworks over Blue Moon

Alison and Jed on the Superfly Turbomaxx. Not for me thank you very much!

On the Turbomaxxx Superflyyy

Just a lovely night at the Fair!

28 August 2012

State Fair: Day 5, Yes Day

I do love to say YES at the Fair.
The girls and I headed over after work today.

A huge cone of cookies? YES!


Sharing with your sister? YES!
(sitting in the dirt? YES!)

Cookie girl

The Sky Ride? YES!


A seed bass? YES!
Wait. What?

Seed Bass

The girls were working on their scavenger hunts and needed a number of items.
Big pumpkin? YES!

Giant Pumpkin

Scavenger Hunt

Love the veggie room.

Veggie Room

After this we got a freezy apple cider and headed over to get a pretzel with cheese and watch the Ecuadorian guys. The girls LOVED these guys. We watched them for half an hour.

Ecuadorian Music

Then we headed over to the Birth Barn, where the girls were the most excited about the little lambs. They were so cute.

Skee ball? YES!

Skee ball

No tickets came out at the end so we asked the attendant for help. He gave us 40 tickets!!
Can we spend them on jelly beans? YES!

Skee ball

Then we had a hankering for some ice cream. But not just your average ice cream.
Gelato? SI!
While we're eating it, a woman asks me if she can give the girls some of her huge bucket of Martha's cookies.
More Cookies? SURE! Why the hell not?

After all, we are at the Fair!