21 May 2012

Spring Weekend

At the Drive-In to see The Lorax!
The Lorax at the Drive-in!

In the fairy garden

The fairy garden, looking quite magical

In the fairy garden

Fairy house is still standing amongst the trillium, daffodils, jack in the pulpit, ferns, hen and chicks, etc etc WHEE! Love this garden.

Brent and Jay

Mai tai's, chicken wings, and s'mores with friends on Saturday night.

Playing with baby

It was so sweet watching Mimi play with the baby. She was so proud to be taking care of her!


Mother Gothel's Hazelnut Soup for dinner on a rainy Sunday (p.s. there are no hazelnuts in this soup. it is called MARKETING and I am not above it)

Girls' Supper

Mimi wouldn't eat her teeny eensy weensy little cup of soup. Even though it is Rapunzel's FAVORITE SOUP.

Supper Girl

She just ate buns. Lots of buns!


Bella gave dinner a thumbs up.

Thumbs up for soup! (I think)

Mimi reenacted dinner with her doll, "You have to eat two bites! Or no popcorn!"

Eat your soup, baby!

We had a fun weekend! I hope you did too!

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