19 May 2012

School Field Trip: Bell Museum

How excited was I to hear the girls were coming to the Bell Museum on the U campus for a field trip? Super excited! I had an HR training just a block away, and as soon as I could get out of there I ran AND I MEAN RAN like a bat out of heck with my platform sandals and ginormous HR training binder beep beep MAMA ON A MISSION!!

Bell Museum Field Trip

I was just in time to spend about 15 minutes with each girls' class. SO CUTE! Bella was so thrilled to have me there, just the sweetest little thing.

Bell Museum Field Trip

Mimi was confused about whether it was time to get picked up or what. But she figured it out. "Mommy lives in a museum," she told her teachers. I guess that's better than the bowling alley, which is where Bella always thought I worked.

Bell Museum Field Trip

Yes, Mimi is wearing pants. At least she was when I dropped her off in the morning. Guess I can't make any promises beyond that.

What a magical memory to have been able to meet the girls on campus for their field trip!!

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