26 May 2012

In the Garden

Here is Klaus. He supervises our gardening activities.

Klaus, ready for gardening season!

The girls love Klaus. Here of course Bella is posing, but I also sometimes catch the girls just giving him a surprise hug once in a while.


Our loot from Linder's.

Ready to plant!

I only meant to get a few things. But you know how that place is. They had pretty hanging baskets, but then I saw the price tag, "$40?! I can make that for $40!!" and then I spend 2 hours picking out $60 worth of plants. So take that.

Here's my iris. So beautiful but lasts about 10 minutes with all the rain.


Columbine. This one is only a couple years old and I've never seen so many flowers on it.


Our peaches and cream peony. Looks mostly like cream, but oh well at least it made flowers this year!


The girls and I planted a potted fairy garden for the porch.

Fairy Garden

They had a lot of fun deciding where to put each tiny plant, and then adding all the accessories.

Fairy Garden all done

See I told you, sneaking a hug.


It turned out so sweet! I just know the fairies will stop by.

Fairy Garden

How can they resist hazelnut boy in the pumpkin patch?

Hazelnut boy

Or the little hazelnut woman next to the MOSS lawn.

Hazelnut Girl

If you look carefully, you can see a mother bird sitting on her nest with two eggs.

Bird in a nest

Oh look! A fairy did stop by! She left a little rock, a note, and lots of fairy dust. It was very exciting when Bella spotted it this morning!

A present from a fairy!

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