26 May 2012

In the Garden

Here is Klaus. He supervises our gardening activities.

Klaus, ready for gardening season!

The girls love Klaus. Here of course Bella is posing, but I also sometimes catch the girls just giving him a surprise hug once in a while.


Our loot from Linder's.

Ready to plant!

I only meant to get a few things. But you know how that place is. They had pretty hanging baskets, but then I saw the price tag, "$40?! I can make that for $40!!" and then I spend 2 hours picking out $60 worth of plants. So take that.

Here's my iris. So beautiful but lasts about 10 minutes with all the rain.


Columbine. This one is only a couple years old and I've never seen so many flowers on it.


Our peaches and cream peony. Looks mostly like cream, but oh well at least it made flowers this year!


The girls and I planted a potted fairy garden for the porch.

Fairy Garden

They had a lot of fun deciding where to put each tiny plant, and then adding all the accessories.

Fairy Garden all done

See I told you, sneaking a hug.


It turned out so sweet! I just know the fairies will stop by.

Fairy Garden

How can they resist hazelnut boy in the pumpkin patch?

Hazelnut boy

Or the little hazelnut woman next to the MOSS lawn.

Hazelnut Girl

If you look carefully, you can see a mother bird sitting on her nest with two eggs.

Bird in a nest

Oh look! A fairy did stop by! She left a little rock, a note, and lots of fairy dust. It was very exciting when Bella spotted it this morning!

A present from a fairy!

21 May 2012

Spring Weekend

At the Drive-In to see The Lorax!
The Lorax at the Drive-in!

In the fairy garden

The fairy garden, looking quite magical

In the fairy garden

Fairy house is still standing amongst the trillium, daffodils, jack in the pulpit, ferns, hen and chicks, etc etc WHEE! Love this garden.

Brent and Jay

Mai tai's, chicken wings, and s'mores with friends on Saturday night.

Playing with baby

It was so sweet watching Mimi play with the baby. She was so proud to be taking care of her!


Mother Gothel's Hazelnut Soup for dinner on a rainy Sunday (p.s. there are no hazelnuts in this soup. it is called MARKETING and I am not above it)

Girls' Supper

Mimi wouldn't eat her teeny eensy weensy little cup of soup. Even though it is Rapunzel's FAVORITE SOUP.

Supper Girl

She just ate buns. Lots of buns!


Bella gave dinner a thumbs up.

Thumbs up for soup! (I think)

Mimi reenacted dinner with her doll, "You have to eat two bites! Or no popcorn!"

Eat your soup, baby!

We had a fun weekend! I hope you did too!

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19 May 2012

School Field Trip: Bell Museum

How excited was I to hear the girls were coming to the Bell Museum on the U campus for a field trip? Super excited! I had an HR training just a block away, and as soon as I could get out of there I ran AND I MEAN RAN like a bat out of heck with my platform sandals and ginormous HR training binder beep beep MAMA ON A MISSION!!

Bell Museum Field Trip

I was just in time to spend about 15 minutes with each girls' class. SO CUTE! Bella was so thrilled to have me there, just the sweetest little thing.

Bell Museum Field Trip

Mimi was confused about whether it was time to get picked up or what. But she figured it out. "Mommy lives in a museum," she told her teachers. I guess that's better than the bowling alley, which is where Bella always thought I worked.

Bell Museum Field Trip

Yes, Mimi is wearing pants. At least she was when I dropped her off in the morning. Guess I can't make any promises beyond that.

What a magical memory to have been able to meet the girls on campus for their field trip!!

13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful, inspiring, untiring mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Me and my girls

Today, after a super bouncy and crumbly breakfast in bed, the girls and Brent and his mom took me to Shepherd's Harvest! Yay!

Elmo the Sheep

With super giant sheep!

Very Interested in the Bunny!

and bunnies. Oh the fluffy bunnies! The girls were so interested in this woman pulling the fur off her bun. They wanted to know if it hurt, why was she doing it, and would she do it if it was a pet shark. Seriously, I about fell over laughing.

Lunch at Shephard's Harvest

Swedish meatball sandwiches! Dee-licious! Oh and notice I'm wearing my beaded shawl. I could hardly make my way around the festival for all the fawning and compliments! I have never received so many compliments on anything in my life. I think it was partially because wearing it outside really let the beads sparkle, and partially because when a knitter sees a project like that, they can size it up for the life's work that it is and dole out the appropriate praise.

Snacking with some sheep

The girls were not that interested in listening to the shawl's fangirls and were instead completely obsessed with the giant tubes of Kettle Corn. Luckily Grandma was along to indulge them!


Look at that girl. I am such a proud mama. (I am proud of Mimi too, but at this moment she was having a complete freak-out about wanting to HOLD the popcorn she must HOLD the popcorn the ENTIRE BAG and no one else may HOLD it or touch it IT'S MINE MY PRECIOUSSSSS)

Roving and Yarn Kit

Of course I found some yarn! SURPRISE! This celery kit came with roving and yarn and a pattern to make some super warm roving stuffed (thrummed) mittens. Roving. Stuffed. Mittens. Why did I not know of these before? They are amazing and are going to seriously rock the house when it is 30 below. I almost can't wait!

Roving and Yarn Kit

I got the purple too to make for the girls. Roving stuffed mittens for the whole family! Can I get a Woot Woot!

Kimmet Croft Softie

And here's some pink yarn the girls helped me pick out. It had a picture of a fairy and a bunny on the label, so it was kind of fate that between 1 and 500 skeins had to come home with me. These three are to knit the girls each a Wonderful Wallaby--a hooded sweater that is from a print-only pattern I had been coveting. Well covet no more! Shepherd's Harvest grants all your wildest desires. 

After we got home and rested up, the girls put on a Mother's Day puppet show for us in the back yard. SO ADORABLE! There was a lot of accidental puppet dropping and about 50% of the action happened offstage. We love love loved it.

Mother's Day Puppet Show

And the icing on the cake, Bella's Mother's Day worksheet/card from school, pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Bella's Mother's Day Card

Mimi made one too but she is in that phase where just one word answers are hilarious. Green! Hippopotamus! UNDERPANTS!

I hope you had a delightful Mother's Day, doing whatever you like best with your little ones!