13 November 2012

A gift for a special baby

A Baby Gift

This present just came together. I had a vision about the gray yarn and the red buttons--it just had to be. Especially the red buttons. My vision was very specific about those. And then I was at Crafty Planet and the fabric was just there, waiting for me. Gnome. Houses. Easiest fabric decision I ever made.

A Baby Gift

I originally cut out pale green flannel for the lining, but I quickly corrected that with white minky dot.

This is just the sweetest little pattern. I hope it fits the babe someday! Right now she is teensy. But they do grow quick you know.


Sleep sack: Hushabye Baby by Favorite Things
Fabric: Lecien Woodland, lined with white minky dot
Cardigan pattern: February Baby Sweater, by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK
Ravelry Project Page

31 October 2012



Mimi the pirate

Cutest little pink pirate you ever saw! She is Izzy, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She was going to be a princess up until the last minute. What are mommys for but to sew a pirate costume the night before Halloween?

Mimi the pirate

 It's my pleasure, little matey.

Just don't forget about your mama when you come home with all your bootie. Mama likes Twix.

And then there's my beautiful Bella!

Bella the "Brave" Princess

She is Merida from Brave. We had a lot of fun sewing her costume together. I wasn't using a pattern, which means she had to try it on constantly. At one point there was some weirdness going on under the arms and when she asked about it I told her to never mind about the pit flaps. Which sent her into the giggles for hours. PITFLAPS! Funniest word ever!

Here she is with the polar fleece cloak. Because trick-or-treating in Minnesota needs to involve lots and lots of layers. (this turned out to not be enough while trick-or-treating, and our lovely friend Jerimy kindly ran back to our house to get her parka).

Bella the "Brave" Princess

Bella even let me DYE HER HAIR!!! A fantasy of mine! I thought it turned out so cute.

Didn't Bella do a great job on this pumpkin?


Here's the porch, all ready for some ACTION!! Even Klaus has his witch hat on.

Front Door, Halloween

They're here!!

Trick-or-Treating at our front door!

The girls made it around the neighborhood for almost an hour before they could no longer resist a warm house and a chance to pick through their candy.

Happy Halloween everyone!


21 October 2012

State Fair Playhouse: A Masterpiece in Felt

I do hate to toot my own horn. BUT.... this is probably the greatest thing ever sewed by human hands.

A State Fair Playhouse.

State Fair Playhouse


State Fair Playhouse

A Fairchild poke through! The Space Tower really goes up and down! Are you freaking out yet?!

State Fair Playhouse

The entrance is Gate 5. With a little ticket booth to put your laminated State Fair tickets in.

What, you don't have laminated State Fair tickets? Well guess what, I do!

Look who else is nutty like me? Bella!

State Fair Playhouse

The food booth is the girls' favorite part.

State Fair Playhouse

That's them on the Giant Slide. They can move themselves around because they have velcro. KACHOW!

State Fair Playhouse

Here's Mimi, ready to take my order!

How about some mini donuts?

State Fair Playhouse: Mini Donuts

Or maybe a cone of Sweet Martha's?

State Fair Playhouse: Sweet Martha's

I even made a double wonky one.

State Fair Playhouse: Sweet Martha's

All part of my plan to have the girls love the Fair as much as I do.

I think it's working!!

18 October 2012

Fancy Princess Bunbun Muffin of the Milky Way

We introduce to you, The Bunny!

Fancy Princess Bunbun Muffin of the Milky Way

Cutest Bunny EVER!!!!

Her full name is Fancy Princess Bunbun Muffin of the Milky Way, as agreed upon by the girls. Which  has the advantage of being available as a domain name, very exciting for a blog nerd like me.


I usually just call her Princess Muffin. Don't I? Don't I, little cutie? Who's cute? You are! 

"MOM! who are you talking to?"


Fancy Princess Bunbun Muffin of the Milky Way

She is the bestest sweetest cutest bunny. She is very calm and doesn't mind being petted by little hands.

Fancy Princess Bunbun Muffin of the Milky Way

Here she is waiting for me in my office.

New Bunny arrives at office

We got her from a student at work who has 100 bunnies! Princess Muffin is a retired show bunny.

New Bunny arrives at office

She is a wooly jersey. She came with her pedigree papers and two blue ribbons. !!!! Nothing but the best for us, dahlings! We just love her!

08 October 2012

Mimi's Marble Jar

So what would you do if someone said you could have a special day where we could do ANYTHING you wanted?

Mimi said "Go to the State Fair!"


Here are our marble jars. We use them in an effort to keep the girls in line. When they're full, they get a special day to do anything they want. They get to pick what we do and where we eat. It's all very exciting if you're small and normally powerless.
Marble Jars
Mimi finally filled hers. Fi-nal-ly. It took her all summer (she had a little problem with marble loss stemming from a large problem with impulse control) but she did it! Bella filled hers a month or so ago and we ended up with a lovely day at the Mall of America riding rides, buying pink sparkly gel pens, and eating frozen yogurt sundaes.

Mimi kicked off her day with Finding Nemo 3D. Don't forget the popcorn and junior mints! And for some reason there were freebies from the theater, a glow wand and a trick or treat bag. Score!

Finding Nemo 3D!

Then we went to Macaroni Grill for lunch. Mimi didn't exactly pick that restaurant, but who knew California Pizza Kitchen was closed? Not us! Macaroni grill is right next door.

The gelato was the most exciting part!

Gelato with a glow wand!

Then home for a nap and then we are off to the big park!

Actually if I am doing full disclosure, Brent and the girls are off to the park. I am off to the fabric store. I said I was going for milk and I went to the fabric store. That is just the kind of horrible mothering things I do. I am a chip off my little no-impulse-control block.

At the park

But I met them at the park, so that's something, right? It was getting dark but I found them by looking for Bella's light up sneakers! Very handy!

Then we went home for s'more's on the deck. Mimi's favorite! There was a huge harvest moon over us. Very picturesque.

S'mores on the Deck

As we pulled in the driveway I said, "Now just give me a minute to get S'MOREGANIZED." The girls just fell over laughing. I am quite proud of myself when I think of something clever AND age-appropriate for my audience.

S'mores on the Deck

Thanks for a great special day, Mimi! I can't wait until someone fills up their marble jar again!!

18 September 2012

Local Adventure: The Renaissance Festival

Look at my Renaissance princesses! So adorable!

Renaissance Festival

Bella outgrew her costume, so we passed it to Mimi. Bella decided to wear her Rapunzel dress when I expressed doubts I'd be able to whip up a new one (what with all my macaron baking and drunken concert going). I thought that was very flexible of her!

This year I finally got Brent to concede that he might wear a costume next time. Was he feeling underdressed next to his beautiful maidens? Well it was super hot out so he likely had the last laugh.
What a glorious day at the Renaissance Festival!
So beautiful!

Renaissance Rapunzel

We met up with lovely little friends.

Renaissance Festival

For the fairy garden? I could hardly resist. But I did. I wish I hadn't, but I did.

Fairy House

Ye old bubble wands!

Renaissance Festival

Mimi was very excited by the unicorn! Until he got close, then he was TOO BIG.


Renaissance Festival

We are always highly amused by this guy. Especially when he puts his toilet paper hat on.

Renaissance Festival

A street performing turtle. You know what he needs? A teeny tiny toilet paper hat!

Money Turtle

Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Bella got in the spirit, enjoying a giant pickle and a strawberry ice.

Strawberry Ice

We also got a crepe, a gyro, ice cream, and some mead. And at some point when I was melting in my wool wench suit, I looked over and Brent's eating chili out of a bread bowl. Seriously.

A tiny bench for a tiny wench.

Renaissance Festival

New this year and a big hit with us, Mermaid Cove!

Mermaid's Cove


Mermaid's Cove!

Renaissance Festival


Renaissance Festival

The girls didn't notice this guy snuck up behind them while I took their picture. Teehee.

Renaissance Festival

Hey his costume totally rocks. That gives me an idea for Brent.

We had fun shopping too. The girls each got a necklace full of fairy dust, a big hit. Also, a marshmallow catapult (no playroom is complete without it).

Huzzah! A wonderful day at the Renaissance!