08 December 2011

Christmas Decorating

Let it Snow

Of all our Christmas traditions, the one the girls like most is "snowing" the snow village. Really, who doesn't love sprinkling snow? Pretending to be a snow fairy? Whipping it around into a mini blizzard? Using your fingers to make little snow angel handprints? We went through two bowls of snow this year. I thought it was so cute that the girls plowed little paths to each door. teehee.

Here's the post-Snowpocolypse Village. None the worse for wear.

Snow Village

Pretty cute actually.

Snow Village House

Some other holiday decorating...

Saint Lucia dolls. Another popular decoration with the kiddies. These girls have been violated six ways to Sunday, let me tell you. I debated putting them up high to try to protect them, but where's the fun in that. Tough it out girls, those smiles are painted on!

St Lucia Dolls

Embroidery my mom made (!!) like 100 years ago. Back when avocado green embroidery fabric was cool THE FIRST TIME.

Santa Embroidery

A new red lantern from IKEA. Now there's a store that knows how to do Christmas. I think I wouldn't mind just having Christmas morning right there in the store.


The fireplace all decorated (I put the stockings up later to avoid burning them up--which yes I would so totally do).


And of course, the tree!

Picking out the Christmas Tree 

I thought this pic of the girls is so cute. Bella is all like super model gorg-ee-oso and Mimi is so... cranky.

The Christmas Tree

And here it is.... Tah Dah!

Christmas Tree

The girls helped decorate it. Which is why there are a lot of ornaments in the front about 2 feet off the floor. I had set the scene for a big evening of decorating... Hot cocoa! A fire! Christmas music! They were done in 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! Which is an ornament hung approximately every 5 seconds. FIVE SECONDS!

Seriously people. How am I supposed to work this into a magical family tradition?!
At least stand by the tree and pose for the scrapbook, dammit.

Christmas Tree

And I thought I'd share our super festive, guaranteed to take the bah out of your humbug, holiday playlist! Enjoy!

Winter Playlist by Amy Baker on Grooveshark


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