30 November 2011

Thanksgiving and more

Thanksgiving--we have so much to be thankful for! Not the least of which was this year's Turducken!


The girls each wrote down their Thankfuls each night in November on a thankful chain. Bella wrote down every friend and family member she could think of, and the last night wrote "Momm Kisses." *poink* I just keeled over from cuteness. Mimi was thankful for variations on candy every night--chocolate, pumpkins that you put candy in, candy that you bring to drive-in movies, etc. Except for one night, when she said Colleen, her favorite teacher at her old school. Awwww!

We have a very fun post-Thanksgiving tradition--going downtown! We have done this different ways over the years, but this year we decided to do it up right and spend the weekend.

Our Holidazzle Tradition!

We saw Santa at Macy's. How great is that guy? So super great.

Bella and Santa


How crappy is Macy's photography? Geez people, my iPhone would have taken a better picture than that!

We toured through the Day in the Life of an Elf show, which was the same as usual. YAWN!
BUT, an important part of the tradition, none the less.

Life of an Elf Show

We got gingerbread boys from Mrs. Claus' bakery. Mimi likes to talk about the buttons before she goes to sleep now. "I wike the buttons! I don't wike the eyes! I wike the buttons!"

Gingerbread Boy

We watched the new Macy's Moose puppet show, which has muppets  mixed with marionnettes in a singing dancing puppetstravaganza. The "storyline" was a little strange and I felt a little on edge that one of the star muppets had this threatening Joe Pesci voice. I'm fairly certain neither of the girls had a clue what was going on.

We wrote letters to Santa.

Dear Santa

Santa Mail

Then we found fountains to throw the pennies we brought into.

Gavidae Fountain

Gavidae Fountain


After a nice Panera dinner and a rest in our luxurious downtown Residence Inn, we bundled up to watch Holidazzle! Brrrrr! Why weren't we there on Friday night when it was 50 degrees??!

Mimi fell asleep as soon as we walked outside. She woke up when the Peter Pan float went by. How surreal must that be?

Holidazzle Parade

Holidazzle Parade

Candyland Caramel Corn--a delicious tradition.


Then it was so nice to snuggle into our hotel room with treats and a movie. Kung Fu Panda was on.

Caramel Corn and Kung Fu Panda

Then we finally tucked everybody in and we all fell asleep except Mimi, who I think just danced around the hotel room with her fiberoptic wand until about 2 am.

Fiberoptic Wands

The next morning we got up, ate a great breakfast at the hotel (make your own Belgian waffles!!) and puttered around downtown a little more. The girls got their Christmas presents for each other--an adorable adventure in secret shopping (not so much!).

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday full of turducken and traditions. Turditions?

I hope you did too!

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