14 November 2011


I present to you...


Living Room

I know. You totally just saw this like two weeks ago. But Now... With More Fireplace!

New Fireplace

I also believe I have finally discovered the secret to that "old house" smell that I love. I'm pretty sure that it is oil trim paint! Which I will now be keeping in my Scentsy warmer to make our house smell, well, old and oily. I always thought it was Murphy's Oil Soap, so give me some credit I was on the right track.

Here's a before picture, just for dramatic effect.

Fireplace: Before

We had the nicest woodworker. Didn't he do an awesome job? I was all vague and indecisive about what I wanted. "Can you picture a Swedish Martha Stewart?" and he suffered through a lot of whining about the odious task of finding a marble guy.

New Fireplace

Here are Ursula and Koko the train having a picnic while I take these pics. Koko brought blueberries and Ursula brought salami. I do love my little shadow, she just plays wherever I happen to be.


While I was painting the fireplace, both girls sat on the floor and watched. This made me very nervous since last time I was painting something white with Mimi around she hurled a large quilted pumpkin at it. Why? Why would she do that?! Why hurl a pumpkin decoration? Why hurl it at the wall? Why hurl it at THAT wall? I have no idea what goes on in their brains. So I ended up panickedly asking Brent to bring out "The Cage!" this big mother of a play yard thing, and he fences off the whole fireplace painting region into a cross between a pasture and the Thunderdome. Pasturedome! Two cows enter, one cow leaves. Anyway, where was I. Keeping an eye out for projectiles and huffing paint fumes, I think.

I can't wait for Christmastime to hang our stockings.


Burn baby burn!

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