23 October 2011

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

Lost Tooth!

A new smile!

Checking the tooth fairy pillow

The tooth fairy pillow.

Tooth fairy treasures

There is some money in there, you just can't see it! The fairy left a dollar coin, as well as some coins from around the world. She must get around!

Tooth fairy note

ETA: In case you're wondering, here's what the tooth fairy wrote!

Dear Bella,
 I heard you lost your first tooth and came as quickly as I could. I was very excited to visit your house and meet you (even if you were sleeping). My name is Pearl and I am your tooth fairy!
Thank you for leaving me your tooth. That was very kind and generous of you. What a shiny white tooth it is too! I love such a beautiful tooth like this one is. I bet you took good care of it. And your little tooth fairy pillow is so cute. I found it right away. 
I am taking your tooth back home with me to use in special fairy magic. But I am leaving you some very special fairy treasures in return. That is how tooth fairies work, and now you know. 
I will stop by again when you lose another tooth! 
Sweet Dreams, 
(your tooth fairy)

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