27 October 2011

Pan Am Costume!

I knew in about the first 10 nanoseconds of the Pan Am premiere that I would be making a stewardess costume for Halloween. Because I want to be a Pan Am stewardess SO BAD! They flit around the world--Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, Burma, Monaco--staying at glamorous places, wearing the cutest little clothes, living in a brownstones in NYC. It perfectly appeals to all my adventurous sensibilities.

But apparently I am too old, too married, and too late (by about 50 years).

Here's where Halloween saves the day!

Pan Am Costume: Materials

I bought some blue suiting and some cool blue buttons. I have blue felt and white piping to make the little hat too. Although apparently I can make a cardboard one in a pinch (weird??).  I'm using Vogue 3021, Basic Suit Design, a vintage pattern from the 1960s. I got it in a huge box of patterns at an estate sale near campus years ago, where the seamstress was just my size (just for laughs, I will tell you I am a 1960 size 14, which means I am also probably TOO FAT to be a Pan Am stewardess!), the box said "Patterns $5" and they were all vintage designer patterns in my size so I carefully picked out 4 patterns that were really stellar so as to be worth the $5 each. Then when I went to pay, they said 'Oh no! The whole box is $5!' and then I think I blacked out a little and had a possible out of body experience, awakening out on the sidewalk talking to strangers about the box of sweeeeeeeeet patterns I just got.

Here's Mimi playing in the sewing room. It is in the basement so she usually prefers to root around in the other room for extension cords and tape measures and dirty clothes. So I had to snap a picture of her playing so sweet.

Mimi in the craft room

Her little imaginings were so funny to listen to. The weeble princess was waiting for the Tumble Fun Bus and thought she saw a dinosaur. "AHHHH! I see a dinoswar!" "Dat not a dinoswar, dat a chicken nugget!" "Oh! nom nom nom I go knitting wiff my fwiends now!"

I was just dying laughing.

I'll keep you posted on the costume!

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