15 October 2011

Living Room Tour

A new white living room!

Living Room

I do like to paint! Today I came home from work and changed into my painting clothes, just out of reflex. Because I've been working on the living room walls for weeks! Little bit by little bit. Nap time by nap time.

And they turned out just as great as I thought they would. See?

Living Room

All fresh and cheery. I think these are going to be so beautiful for the holidays and will brighten the dark winter. And I love the way the gallery wall turned out over the couch. Very colorful and each item has meaning to our family.

I hung the pictures by the French doors with the idea that they could look ok even with the doors closed, which is how we have it some of the year. So that's why there are three pictures behind the doors. Behind the door wall decor, you saw it here first!

Living Room

You can see into the playroom our old wall color, what they call "greige." I actually really like it still. I just had a bee in my bonnet about white. BUZZ! I think my design aesthetic is maturing into a Swedish Martha Stewart.

Here is our Yamaha electric piano, which I adore. But I would adore it more if Room and Board sold a stand for it. We have the only stand available for it, this cheap (but not cheap) plastic thing. I'd been wanting to sew a skirt or something for it, and even had a surreal piano slipcover sketch going on at one point. It needed to have the cords covered and just needed to look less top heavy in general. Then inspiration hit and Voila! Fabric hanging from 3M command hooks is exactly what I wanted. I loves my piano even more!

Yamaha Piano

I'm putting two of these where two 'can' lights currently are:

We'll see how that goes, because lordy I LOVE electrical projects! (one of the only decorating tasks that I always end up calling in the Y chromosome for)

Speaking of Brent, I was describing to him something like these lights a while back and I used the descriptor "steampunk." Look at me and my advanced style vocabulary! He didn't bat an eye. Apparently before steampunk was a decorating style, it was a niche science fiction genre. And Brent does like a good alternate history! (One that doesn't involve him wiring new lights, I bet!)

The next big thing to happen in here is the fireplace is getting a surround. I had to go to a stone warehouse to pick out the marble. Here's the piece I picked. Pretty, no?

Carrera Marble

Actually this picture doesn't make it look that pretty. But you get the idea. White marble. Very Martha Swedert. Hopefully not very steampunk.

Have a great weekend everyone! We'll be enjoying our new white living room!

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