18 October 2011

All that Glitters is Gold

Al's Breakfast
[Al's Breakfast, Dinkytown USA]

Coffee and a blackberry wheat pancake. Eat it up. Be happy.

Al's Breakfast

A breakfast tradition held over from college days. (it's even better without chemistry flashcards!)

Al's Breakfast

What a lucky dog I am to still be at the same campus I first came to 17 years ago, and still eating at the same breakfast counter.

Wait, does that say SEVENTEEN? I must have done the math wrong. oh my lord.

The U of M

I like to say I liked college so much I never left. I have taken over 190 credits and had eight jobs. And spent a small fortune on blackberry pancakes.

I have done all kinds of jobs to stay at the U.
  • Dishwasher
  • Cafeteria Worker
  • Museum Tour Guide
  • Dishwasher (again--the U makes lots of dishes)
  • Lab Tech
  • Junior Assistant to the Junior Assistant Soil Scientist

The U of M

You want to hear something sweet? Bella told me she is going to college at the U so that we can eat lunch together. SQUEE!

The U of M

On this Homecoming week, I am thankful that for me, every week is homecoming!

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