10 September 2011

Teacher Gifts

I just loved the girls' preschool teachers this year! I wanted to give them something nice as we left to go to a new school. I asked on Facebook, what it is that teacher's want, and it was the consensus was coffee shop gift cards. So I put together this little gift for each of the five teachers.

Preschool Teacher Gift

Storage basket, from Global Mamas
A big chocolate bar
Homemade Strawberry Jam
Homemade Bread & Butter Pickles
A photo of teacher with one of the girls (if I had it)
Thank you note (the most important part!)
Panera gift card

Preschool Teacher Gift

I got the storage baskets at the Fair (I love Global Mamas and I figure they can use them in the classroom or at home), the Panera cards at Panera (duh), and the rest was out of our cupboards. I know what you're thinking, you had FIVE big chocolate bars in your cupboards? Yes. Yes I did.

I actually had eight.

The girls are enjoying their new school a lot. But I think we all miss our old teachers this first week!

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