01 September 2011

State Fair: Days 5, 6, 7

I have been a bit Fair-crazy after missing Days 3 and 4. Climb off the wagon, it's time for a Fair bender!

The barns at night. One of my favorite walks. This is when you really see what hard work this is.

Tuckered Out

Skee-Ball--not such hard work!

Skee Ball

An empty Giant Slide? LET'S GO!

Giant Slide

Giant Slide

A terrible photo of some fireworks. As usual, I had my fixed 50mm lens on, so I was able to capture some puffs of smoke and the edge of a firework. Not really as spectacular as the real thing.


This game, the Key Master, will seduce you with flowers and chocolates and then leave you waiting by the phone on Saturday night. But I'd still go to prom with it if it asked me.

Key Master, new in arcade

Fair Photography, one of my favorite Fair pastimes.


View from the Grandstand

Military Appreciation Day.

Military Appreciation Day

 I got choked up when I saw an older gentlemen hand three young military guys a bucket brimming with Sweet Martha's and saluted and said, "It's an honor to give these cookies to you."

OH FAIR! You make me cry every time!

It rained a little.

Rain at the Fair

I made the family matching Fair shirts.

Fair G'pa and Fair Nana

Dreamsicle Smoothie

Fire tower. This is Bella, climbing with Grandpa and Uncle Dave. I had to come down because little Mimi got scared half-way up.

Fire Tower

Spin-a-paint! I couldn't believe Mimi could do her own! And another first--no paint on our shirts! 


Fair cousins. Cute as can be.

Fair Cousins

Fair Cousins

Some rides on the Kidway.


Some guy stopped me just outside the Kidway, "What is good to do here with kids?" I do a little vocal warmup--lalalalalamimimidodododo--and then I'm off "butterheads littlefarmhands bazaar vegetables giantslide sandart spinapaint barns birthbarn parade alphabetfair fairhair firetower spacetower skyride bandshells tractors homedepot ... " I'm just getting rolling when he says "I think we'll just stick with rides. Thanks!" WELL. I NEVER!

Here's part of the extended fam. (I made them matching shirts but they wouldn't put them on!)


Jump roping on a unicycle. Are you kidding me????!!! MIND BLOWING!!!

Jump roping on a unicycle!

But wait. There's more.
Marching Electric Guitars.

Marching Electric Guitars

A mullet toss. Proving my parents will do anything to get a FREE BAG.

Mullet Toss

Time for a Fair nap.

Nap time

Check this out. A Spooky Corvette! I told you that Haunted House just PRINTS money.

Spooky Corvette

Butterheads. A classic.

Butter carving

I shamelessly dangled my adorable girls in their matching Fair shirts around the channel 5 booth, thinking they would certainly get on TV. Because is anyone more adorable? Nope!

Channel 5

Fairdos--the tradition continues. This time featuring Emily Bea!

Thank goodness for multiple Blue Ribbon coupon books!

Here's my parents, at the end of our day with them. We kind of death marched my mom out of there, but she's still smiling! And what do you think of Grandpa's giant purple Dora balloon? He cried until Nana bought it for him. So spoiled.

After a big day

Hope all your Fair dreams are coming true. SEE YOU AT THE FAIR!

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  1. wah wah wah, wanna see batman, i-team, dangermouse, and he-man.