03 September 2011

State Fair: Day 9

Finally, the whole family together at the Fair!



They're having fun, I promise. They wait and wait and WAIT to ride this with Daddy! (I get barfy)

At the Fair

I saw Captain Jack Sparrow! He totally dissed me while we took this picture!

Capt. Jack brushes me off

I think it had something to do with Miss Minnesota walking up. Boo.

Wacky Wheeler

Wacky Wheeler. My favorite thing in the parade!


Some bracelet making. Love these!


Little Farmhands!

Little Farmhands

Little Farmhands

Little Farmhands

Fairing it up with some friends. We discovered we are very Fair compatible!

Fairing with the G's

Mimi was very excited to sit on this big mower! Hopefully a sign of interests to come.

Mowing Mimi

The annual Sky Glider tradition!

Sky Glider

Sky Glider

Sky Glider

Skee ball! They're terrible! But at least that makes nine balls last 5 minutes.

Skee Ball


Waiting for a magic show!

Magic Show


The birth barn. This little chick still looked kind of eggy.

Just Hatched

Two calves were born at noon, Cotton and Candy. Mimi was very interested in the baby cows!

Calves born that day: Cotton and Candy

My favorite garden, outside Heritage Square. There's even a little tube in the tree up above that drips into the birdbath to keep it full!

Heritage Square Garden


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