21 September 2011

Local Misadventure: Lake Elmo Camping

Our camping weekend at Lake Elmo Preserve started out nice.

A warm fire with our cousins!


Pumpkin beer for happy hour!

Camping happy hour

It was dark early and we all tucked in for a long, COOOLD night. And then. In the wee hours.

May day! MAY DAY!!!

Poor little Bella. We tucked her in the van while we packed up camp.

And had some coffee and pancakes.

Camping Mimi

Kelly Percolates

Here is my cousin, April, who took home barfed-on linens on top of all her camp laundry to wash for us.

Camping April

Here's Mimi. "Does this s'more make my butt look big?"

S'more Butt

By the time we got home and got Bella all tucked in, I was starting to feel cruddy. I was so thankful to crawl into my nice warm bed. Poor little Bella feeling that way in the cold, dark tent!


It's probably good that it'll be a while before we camp again!

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  1. I can't think of anything much more horrible than that....camping and barf are just two words that should never, EVER go together. Ugh...glad to hear everyone is now beter!