08 September 2011

Local Adventure: Leinenkugel's Brewery

Leinenkugels Brewery

On the way home from a family wedding a couple weeks ago, we pulled off the highway to find some coffee (and cookies, as a matter of fact)--I was cranky to be missing the Fair, and you know how it is. When mama ain't at the Fair, ain't nobody happy. We realized we had ended up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. And you know what I've always wanted to do there?


Leinenkugels Brewery

It was a lovely day. And the brewery was quite picturesque.

Leinenkugels Brewery

I took these pictures on the outside part of the tour. You're not allowed to take photos inside the buildings, because that is all top secret. We were there on a Sunday so there wasn't a lot going on inside the buildings anyway.

Leinenkugels Brewery

I liked it when Bella saw the hops and shouted, "Brussels sprouts!"

Leinenkugels Brewery

Here's Brent, enjoying some free samples. We had a good old time with that.

Leinenkugels Brewery

Are those girls wearing nightgowns? At a brewery?

Are you judging me?!

The big gift shop with free bar is even called the Leinie Lodge! (just like at the Fair). It was a very fun stop, and three hours passed before we knew it. We would love to go back some time during the week when they are operating.

The best part was Monday morning when little Emily went to school and said, first thing, "I go to Brewery!"

ETA: Here is the "recipe card" they give you at the bar. I thought it was very fun to try different combinations!

Leinie Mixes

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