14 September 2011

In which things are made better and worse by pumpkin

Pumpkin Bundt

Here is a very cheering pumpkin bundt. I made it from this recipe from the Gourmet website, which, I will go out on a limb here and say would have benefited immensely from about 2 scoops of chocolate chips. And about 50% more batter--I do like big bundts and this one seems a little anorexic.

Just sayin'. But we chowed it down all the same.

Mimi helped make it--AND helped "wash" the dishes! Since the dishwasher broke, my standards have gotten pretty low. Licked clean? Looks good! The Whirlpool Mimi needs a constant stream of batter to keep operating.


I had completely not realized how many dishes a three bowl cake makes. A ton. It makes approximately one ton. I carefully balanced them in a teetering pile in the sink, waiting hopefully for the dishwasher repair guy the next day. But of course, he has to order a rare and expensive* sounding new pump assembly and it will be a couple weeks. I laugh shrilly as I look at my dish-ton in the sink, "You don't have one of those Cat in the Hat clean-up machine thingees? HA! HA!" I am so funny! I will go sob in the sink now with my dishpan hands. Or, actually, I will go knit in the other room, because denial is not just a river in Egypt honey. I have since become a dish nazi, feeding the whole family on paper towels crafted into vaguely dish-like shapes and fixing only finger foods for every meal. I'm calling it Tapas week.

*For reasons we can't remember, we actually bought a 5yr warranty with this dishwasher, and it is 4 1/2 years old! So that's something.

We are going camping this weekend, which is excellent for declining your dish production, and not so excellent for avoiding freezing your little frozen tooshies off. I have already turned the furnace on in the house, which is not a good sign for my toughing it outedness, and now I am thinking of going to Costco and buying that big box of chemical hand warmers and crafting them all together into some kind of body suit. I could call it a warm-up suit. Or a Brrrr-ody suit.

PS. My mac has recently gotten very enthusiastic with its spell check. Here are some amusing things it tried to change for me in this post, which actually now that I think about it, may have been a better direction to go in.

  • Bundt became bunt. Bunt? What IS that? oh well now that I say it in my head, I'm thinking it's a sporting term. Carry on.
  • Thingees became thin geese. I need thin geese to eat all this crusted on food off my dirty dishes! Give me that! HONK!
  • Tooshies became too shies. Because my tooshie is too shies to say hi to your tooshie. 


  1. No pump assemblies in the Twin Cities? Or just easier for him....

  2. well I suspect as a warranty customer we are not exactly VIPs!