11 September 2011

A Fair Affair

Last night we had our second annual Farewell Fair Affair. We got together with some friends and just talked about FAIR all night long. We had Turkey To Go sandwiches, which seriously people, you need to make right now. Go get in the car and buy a turkey breast roast right now! You will thank me in about 5 hours, because you will have this:

Homemade Turkey To Go

We also located a keg of 1919. Delicious stuff that is. We polished it off after breakfast this morning.

1919 Rootbeer

We also had pickle dogs, berry crepes, Schell's Oktoberfest, and Kitchen Plus 2000 salsa. Alison and Jed brought all the fixin's for honey sundaes, just like at the Hort Building, but I kind of forgot to serve it up. I also forgot to clean the bathroom beforehand or open the wine they brought. Gah such terrible hostessing! And I forgot to wear my flashy reversible handmade apron, which I usually use to deflect attention away from my terrible hostessing, since a bad hostess would never sew herself such an apron, don't be ridiculous! Also, I talk about Costco so much to non-Costconians that I am certainly annoying and possibly an advertisement. I have even written a jingle.

Do you like to buy your commodities
In great big quantities?
and get a really good value,
then Costco is for you!
Costco is for you, hey!
Buy in great big quantities
Costco is for you!
I need to write a second verse about cheese.

So. Aren't you just dying to come over now. I can dance around in my flashy apron singing this song to distract you from my unsanitized bathroom. Costco is for you, HEY!

Well it wasn't as bad as all that. We had spirited Fair discussion for hours, frequently pawing at our iPhones to verify something with the Fair app. I more than once consulted my Minnesota State Fair book, which I keep on a stand in the dining room, like a family bible, to clear up confusion on important subjects like mascot lineage and honey recipes.

We do like to see the Fair out in style around here. And what a Fair it was this year, it deserved a proper remembrance. Fair, here's to you!

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