23 July 2011

Let's play s'more!



This summer Mimi is obsessed with s'mores. She wants to make them all the time. And when we can't make them, which is most of the time, she wants to talk about making them, or pretend making them. So it seemed like she needed her own s'more.

I made it on one of those super hot afternoons, sitting by the wading pool, with my little basket of wool felt and embroidery floss and a cool drink and my feet in the water. Bella kept asking what it was and ended up (after an hour in the pool in 110 heat index) having a nuclear meltdown when she couldn't figure it out. FINALLY after I had two graham crackers and the chocolate done and was starting to cut the white felt, by jove SHE GOT IT!

Mimi Bea loves it so much she had to sleep with it and clutch it on the ride to school. She likes to hide the chocolate (because I forgot the chocolate once camping) under her butt and do a dramatization of that fateful camping trip: "OH NO!" [frantic looking around] "THE CHOCOLATE!" [eyebrows way up, looks on verge of tears] "I FORGOT THE CHOCOLATE!" (I type in all caps because Mimi only has 2 volumes and they are ALL CAPS and ALL CAPS BOLD.)

I hope you stayed cool during the heat wave. We have moved in at IKEA. I love it there and they have nice air conditioning as well as ice cream cones.

Lounging at IKEA

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