23 July 2011

Let's play s'more!



This summer Mimi is obsessed with s'mores. She wants to make them all the time. And when we can't make them, which is most of the time, she wants to talk about making them, or pretend making them. So it seemed like she needed her own s'more.

I made it on one of those super hot afternoons, sitting by the wading pool, with my little basket of wool felt and embroidery floss and a cool drink and my feet in the water. Bella kept asking what it was and ended up (after an hour in the pool in 110 heat index) having a nuclear meltdown when she couldn't figure it out. FINALLY after I had two graham crackers and the chocolate done and was starting to cut the white felt, by jove SHE GOT IT!

Mimi Bea loves it so much she had to sleep with it and clutch it on the ride to school. She likes to hide the chocolate (because I forgot the chocolate once camping) under her butt and do a dramatization of that fateful camping trip: "OH NO!" [frantic looking around] "THE CHOCOLATE!" [eyebrows way up, looks on verge of tears] "I FORGOT THE CHOCOLATE!" (I type in all caps because Mimi only has 2 volumes and they are ALL CAPS and ALL CAPS BOLD.)

I hope you stayed cool during the heat wave. We have moved in at IKEA. I love it there and they have nice air conditioning as well as ice cream cones.

Lounging at IKEA

13 July 2011

Things we learned at the cabin

Roasting Marshmallows

Spending time up north at the lake in the summer was such a foundation of my childhood that I am always so interested to see how it affects the girls. 

Supper al fresco

A week of sun and fresh air! A week of no discipline! It is like Celebrity Rehab around here now that we are back, weening them off of all the freedom and complete sassypantsness of the past week.


As with any wholesome growing up experience, we learned a few things at the cabin. Like the difference between nipples and mosquito bites. Emily likes to practice by pointing to various blemishes and saying with confidence, "NOT A BOOB!" 


We learned that fourth of July pinwheels sink when thrown into the lake. But grandpa will jump in to get them! We learned that Bella is the only one who is allowed to help my mom do the dishes, a child labor loophole in her dishwasher non-compete clause. 

And we learned how to make a paddle three feet longer with a stick and some duct tape. Pretty crafty!

Paddle improvements

On their first day back to school, I picked Emily up from the toddler room and she runs over and says "Bye Rachel [teacher]! I go in boat to get ice cream cone!" and it was kind of a huge disappointment to find out, No, you are going in the van to take a nap!


Ah well. It was a nice week. Hope you had a nice fourth holiday!

07 July 2011

06 July 2011

A Kayak

Ready to roll

New Kayak, $260
Kayak Paddle, $20
Life jacket, $45
Princess life jacket (for little passengers), $20
Car cradle and ratchet straps, $84
Watercraft License, $32

Being able to paddle away from your in-laws anytime you want....

New Kayak


I should have known. Whenever you start something new it is going to involve a big shopping list of crap you didn't think of. Quilting, college, camping, babies, kayaking... it's all the same story. Maybe we could have thrown Brent a kayak shower? Let's just hope the girls aren't into hockey.